Cannabis Dating Grows in Popularity


Cannabis Dating Grows In Popularity As Weed Advances

Dating can be difficult, and finding that special someone who shares not only hobbies, but also your philosophy of life is even more of a challenge… Thus was born Cannabis Dating. New social media apps are making it a lot easier, especially if you are an avid cannabis user.

Cannabis Dating

Grass in the couple

Lots of dating sites, cannabis services and apps have infiltrated over the past few years. And, as cannabis increases in acceptance across countries, so does the role of connective technology for cannabis enthusiasts. When it comes to sex and love, cannabis gets a big boost until it's intimate under the sheets… But, in reality, cannabis can do a lot more than just spice in a bedroom. sleep…

cannabis sex
Before getting there, you have to communicate!

Grass can also promote intimacy between couples when it comes to talking about problems, connect to a spiritual level. Or, simply find common ground.

meeting sites
Many love stories have started with cannabis ...

Dating sites dedicated to cannabis

Apps like My420Mate started years ago, aimed at taking the uncertainty and inconvenience of requesting your date with pot smokers… This app and site is a great starting point for people from all walks of life looking for the useful for the pleasant ... From medical cannabis patients, to occasional smokers, and even greenery professionals; these networks are made for you ...

Chat, your head in the grass ...

Companies like Stoner Singles, 420 Friends, and 420 Singles are other popular dating services aimed at connecting cannabis lovers in a simple and straightforward way. They offer easy and organized access to all pot smokers, by creating typed profiles for dating ... Like Meating & co, these applications will make you chat around forums, in private or by email, in order to to find the perfect match to cannabis...

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Are you looking for a Cannabis Dating Coach?

Recently Fortune featured an article highlighting the best cannabis related apps. This includes many popular news sources such as: MassRoots, Eaze, Leafly WeGrove, and HighThere! The national magazine admitted that the relationship between cannabis and technology was becoming a essential aspect of the sector, market and community. Almost all of the top apps selected by Fortune are already well known in the community. Here are the main ones:

(my) 420 Mate

These guys call themselves the Cannabis Cupids, and are currently the number 1 cannabis dating site. Their view is that for most cannabis users, dating is really a big deal to run in their life ... 420 mate is intended for those who use marijuana recreationally and those who use it for medical reasons.

my 420 mate

It works like almost any other dating site except that its target audience is cannabis lovers. Once you sign up, you can instantly view photos and read other people's profiles. There is a chat feature which allows you to flirt with other marijuana lovers. You can complete your own dating profile, this allows you to meet other cannabis lovers. There is a customer service team for support in case you are not the most technologically experienced ...

My 420 Mate advertisement

Membership of 420mate is free, so there's really no reason not to try. It's a great opportunity to form bonds of love between people of the stoner class ...

420 Singles

This one is a little less fancy from a service point of view. But 420 Singles offers all the same benefits of 420 Mate. 420 Singles is literally run by one person, Ryan. This webmaster started this dating site after having felt that there was a lack of both information on the cannabis industry, and a practical application for Dating…

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420 Singles

This site is easy to use. In addition, it still has a lot of functions such as e-mail, chat, forums ... But this site is not overloaded with ads. It only contains two advertisements which never enter the user's view. However, its user interface is very basic. Keep in mind that this website is managed entirely by one person. It is also free, and it is also a functional service. Until now, 420 Singles has more than 56 000 members.

High There!

This app, which is available on iPhone or Android, is arguably the most fascinating of all. It is designed for people on the cutting edge of technology, providing people with the functionality to browse dating profiles from their iPhones. The latest version of this app even allows you to make a video statement as part of your dating profile.

High There
High There!

High There works the same way as most mobile dating apps. This allows you to browse through profiles, discussions and emails. You also have the functionality to make your own dating profile. High There describes its audience as "medically creative" users of marijuana. An audience that no longer wants to be judged negatively in the dating community.

Social networks
The interface ...

This app is a cross-platform social community promoting the use of cannabis. High There manages a Facebook page, a Twitter account, an Instagram account as well as a blog. Their community is an opportunity to connect with many other cannabis users. And whether it is for romantic purposes or not.

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