The burning of nutrients

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How to heal your plants when they experience nutrient burn

Contrary to what many new growers may think, giving your marijuana plants a huge dose of nutrients is not going to help them be healthier. In fact, giving them too many nutrients will harm them, causing something called “nutrient burn”. 

nutrients, cannabis disease, pH, yellow leaf, nutrient burn

Nutrient burns

If your plants are suffering from nutrient burn, they are likely to show signs of yellowing, and burning. The leaves can become brittle, and their edges will start to curl…. Depending on the type of nutrient that is causing the blight, the leaves may also have brown spots around the edges of the leaves.

nutrients, cannabis disease, pH, yellow leaf, nutrient burn
Potassium poisoning is very similar to nutrient burn

Nutrient burn can affect the overall health of your marijuana plants. But it could also lead to a poor tasting end product. A chemical-tasting herb is not highly recommended for your taste buds and your health… Therefore, it is crucial to stop the burning of nutrients before it is too late. Symptoms of nutrient burns are:

  • Brown sleeves
  • New growth, but growth on the damaged upper part
  • Edges of burned leaves, browning
  • Burnt leaves inside
  • Wavy leaves
  • Slow growth of the plant observed
nutrients, cannabis disease, pH, yellow leaf, nutrient burn
Nutrient burns outdoors

In bloom

When your marijuana plants have reached their flowering stage, they are entering the most critical point in their life. And this because of their vulnerability during this period. If damaged during their flowering period, the plants have no hope of recovering ... If your marijuana plants are currently flowering, be sure to devote more time and effort to keeping them safe and healthy. healthy.

nutrients, cannabis disease, pH, yellow leaf, nutrient burn
Burning nutrients is fatal in bloom

How does a burn of nutrients occur?

The most common cause of a nutrient burn is simply the excessive addition of nutrients during watering. You need to be sure to only use nutrients that are recommended for marijuana plants !! Note that the nutrients for tomatoes work well with cannabis. Indeed, marijuana and tomatoes have certain characteristics in common.

nutrients, cannabis disease, pH, yellow leaf, nutrient burn
Dream image (fake), but tomato shares many genetic traits with cannabis

You should also remember that the different phases of a marijuana plant's life cycle require different combinations of nutrients. The vegetative stage and the flowering stage need different types of nutrients, so you should adjust your feeding schedule accordingly. If these steps are followed, you can avoid nutrient burns right off the bat.

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How to fix a burn of nutrients?

If your plants grow in soil or on coconut, and you water them by hand, use clear water (without nutrients) with a balanced pH. This will "reset" your growing medium and allow the roots to recover from the problem they were facing. Don't worry, the roots will tap into the nutrients that are in the soil. Give them time to rebuild before adding more nutrients. Be aware, however, that damaged leaves never recover. Focus on new shoots to see the changes for a good recovery.

nutrients, cannabis disease, pH, yellow leaf, nutrient burn
For soil culture systems, the pH should vary between 6.2 and 7.0. For hydroponic systems this should vary between 5.5 and 6.5.

If you are growing your plants in a hydroponic system, you will also need to add pH balanced water. This will dilute the amount of nutrients that are already present. In the next "diet" should also include less nutrients. Proceed with caution, however, as hydroponic systems always require a more gradual change. You may want to consider purchasing a TDS meter to help regulate / measure the nutrients that are in the water.

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