72% of Canadian consumers say they don't fit the stereotype of the 'stoner'

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Survey: not all cannabis users are stoners

A survey of Canadian cannabis users found that 72% said they did not fit the stereotype of the “stoner” commonly portrayed in movies and on television. Did the time when we got high watching a movie is still relevant? The stereotype of being stoned on the couch is long gone as Canadians are more productive in their lives while using cannabis.

A Maru / Blue poll commissioned by cannabis brand Figr found that 72% of Canadians do not fit this stereotype, choosing to smoke while doing daily chores like laundry or washing dishes.

Among those surveyed, 51% of women would consider using cannabis to help them with their household chores, while 35% said they would do the same.

The Figr survey suggests that Canadians are finding different ways to integrate cannabis use into their daily lives, in what society calls the modern cannabis consumer.

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Of the cannabis users surveyed, around 71% believe that outdoor activities would be greatly improved by the use of cannabis. Suggested outdoor activities included walking (44%), camping (43%), and hiking (33%).

Six in ten Canadians surveyed (61%) believe they know and understand the rules for public cannabis use.

Of the 72% of Canadians who feel they do not fit the stereotype of the high person, fewer consumers in Alberta (66%) feel the stereotype is outdated compared to their counterparts in Ontario and British Columbia (90% and 87% respectively).

So how do Canadians want to feel when under the influence of cannabis? 78% of those surveyed said they felt relaxed, while 69% felt calm, 55% happy, 35% creative, 25% productive and 25% energetic.

According to the Figr study, 43% of Canadians prefer to buy cannabis online rather than in traditional stores.

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About seven in ten Canadians (71%) said that outdoor activities would be enhanced by using cannabis, including walking (44%), camping (43%) and hiking (33%).

Public use is permitted in Alberta, British Columbia, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut and Ontario. Each province has different restrictions on public cannabis use, including allowing cannabis use only in places where tobacco use is already permitted, banning use near schools and churches, and only in low traffic areas such as trails and parks when not in use for public events.

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