Californian winemakers prepare for marijuana


California winemakers in the Sonoma Valley prepare to enter the cannabis industry

Cannabis goes well with so many things, but cannabis wine feels like an encounter in heaven. So under California skies, California winemakers in Sonoma are considering the benefits of the cannabis industry. And prepare to make infused wines from our favorite plant. But this time, the two plants will grow together and in the same vineyard.

California wines

Californian wines

The integration of cannabis into our daily lives has allowed this plant to be coupled with a number of good things. From cafe, to weddings, to fancy restaurants and, of course, to wine. Cannabis is everywhere and is becoming an essential delicacy. The commercial beer industry has not done well with cannabis. Since the legalization of cannabis has started to wipe out certain habits in the United States… It seems, however, that people are realizing that cannabis and wine combine very well together. Especially in the case of cannabis wine.

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California winemakers
Sonoma Valley's Rebel Coast Wine infuses sativa cannabis with a Sauvignon Blanc.

Cannabis wine is nothing new. Before the criminalization of the plant, wines were often enriched with herbs like cannabis or opium. The singer and activist dedicated to cannabis Melissa Etheridge has a cannabis wine line that has been around for a few years. Additionally, winemakers in California have secretly made cannabis wine for their personal use. It goes without saying that this kind of secrecy goes far beyond the Californian coast, and for a long time ... Now the state of California has legalized recreational cannabis and the popular Sonoma wineries, consider the benefits of entering in the cannabis industry by manufacturing Cannabis infused wines.

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The wine is called hereafter "Green Wine"

Cannabis is proving to be used very well with grapes to make California's famous wines, and growers are looking to take advantage of it. Cities in the region are working on changing cultivation laws so that cannabis can be grown more freely in the region, according to Sonoma Index-Tribune.

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Cannabis for the vineyards

George Christie, the founder of Wine Industry Network, is currently organizing the Cannabis and Wine Symposium. It will be held at the beginning of August and may attract many people. Indeed, this trade fair will give wine growers and grape growers advice on how to get involved in the highly lucrative cannabis industry. So far, there is a lot of buzz (no pun intended) surrounding the event ...

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Vineyards of the Sonoma Valley

It's not just that cannabis and wine go together, like a drink would. Cannabis being a type of herb which is useful in the cultivation of vines. The plant also supplies nutrients to the soil, through a process called phytoremediation. As a result, cannabis and wine are really an encounter made in paradise, and under California skies.

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