CBG Effective natural remedy against anorexia

The cannabinoid CBG helps increase appetite, and without side effects.

A new study finds that Cannabinoid CBG (non-psychoactive) promotes appetite stimulation, as does THC (psychoactive). CBG may be a solution for patients with eating disorders, a component that improves appetite by 100%.

CBG: Cannabigerol

One of the great benefits of cannabis for patients suffering from a lack of appetite (cancer, anorexia) is the positive effect that THC encourages. But besides this benefit, the psychoactive effect of THC can have a downside for patients. This new study published this week by the American Health Organization (NIH), reveals that Cannabinoide CBG can be used as an effective solution that will replace the existing THC-based treatment for all those who suffer from eating disorders.


CBG is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis, being produced at the earliest stages of the growth cycle, it is originally created for the development of other Cannabinoids, notably THC. CBG has also been shown to inhibit the uptake of GABA, which induces a relaxation effect normally associated with CBD.

Known effect of THC on appetite

Encourages appetite without psychoactive effect

The team of researchers at the University of Redding in California looked at the effect of CBG on appetite. Laboratory mice underwent a series of tests under the influence of cannabinoids, and others with a placebo effect (dummy drug). This experiment evaluates a series of combinations between time factor and behavioral indicators. Before each trial, the mice in the group were given different doses of CBG extract ranging from 30 mg up to 240 mg per kilogram of body weight. The aim of this study is to observe the positive effects on appetite of CBG without secondary psychoactive effects.


At the end of the test, the increase in appetite was exceptional, a 100% improvement in the food usually consumed by the mice, ie with an intake of 120 mg to 240 mg of CBG per kilogram of body weight. In another time, the impact of side effects and other potential damage was measured on the monitors; and no negative effects were found in moderate consumption of CBG.

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A potential treatment of the future

“Studies carried out in the past have already shown us that cannabis greatly stimulates the appetite; but we have underestimated its capacity in view of the psychoactive effects it produces. "

Therefore the use until now of therapeutic cannabis was the best way to treat patients with eating disorders like anorexia, cancer, after chemotherapy or Crohn's disease. From now on the patient will receive the necessary treatment, again thanks to therapeutic cannabis but without the psychoactive effect of THC

“Our results demonstrate for the first time that CBG creates the effect of stimulating appetite by increasing the frequency of meals and without negative side effects” summarizes the study summary.


“The future ambition is to conduct research to examine the potential of CBG to treat eating disorders. "

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