Budzai: The Toronto artist who grows in spirals

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You surely know the Bonsai of cannabis, meeting with the Budzai.

Using traditional techniques designed to shape bonsai, Peter M, an artist from Toronto, has transformed two ordinary cannabis plants into mesmerizing spiral sculptures. At first glance, it is not easy to recognize weed plants, it looks more like a crooked tree, with thick trunks and almost no leaves.

Peter M.'s plants are on his Instagram account and are not meant to be smoked. Here are some pictures for the pleasure of the eyes.

Peter M has no previous experience with cannabis plants and has no desire to consume his work at the moment.

“I decided one day to create living art similar to a bonsai, but with something more controversial and edgy,” Peter M tells Lift & Co.

“I cultivate for art and for my own research,” he says. “For now, I’m focusing on the vegetative growth and visual design of my plants.” Although one day he hopes his sculptures will be displayed in a gallery.

“I also want to encourage people to grow in unconventional ways and break the stigma of cannabis.”

For this cause, Peter M has joined forces with Plant With Benefits, a collective of cannabis bloggers, to raise awareness of safe culture among more Canadians.

In some respects, siblings Budzai have very similar needs to those of normal potted plants (insulated culture tent, an 150 W LED, fans, a charcoal filter), but as many can attest, grow a cannabis plant at home can be a challenge in itself.

The Budzai diet includes much more detailed tasks, including low and high stress training, leaf pruning, rubber wiring to manipulate the trunk (very slowly), and wooden sticks to support heavy plants. up. Not to mention a lot of patience.

“The biggest challenge I've found is keeping the plants alive and thriving while managing their creative side,” says Peter M. “It's a living art and it can be unpredictable, which makes it more exciting for me.”

Visit the Instagram page here

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