Bavarian police raiding grocery chain Lidl for CBD cookies

Police confiscate cbd cookies from Lidl

The untoward incident at Lidl, one of the world's largest retailers, highlights how dangerous the cbd industry is in Germany. Police seized cookies containing cannabis from a company store. The samples are currently being examined in the LKA laboratory. The store preferred to remove the packages from its shelves.

Lidl recently advertised its new promotional products in colorful brochures. According to the advertisement, the assortment should include 21 products, among others, "cbd cookies", "energy drinks" and "hash brownies". Approximately 1,5 million CBD-free THC-free items from "The Green Dealers" have been delivered to the Lidl chain.

LKA Munich reviews Lidl products

The sweets and drinks have already been sent to the forensic laboratory of the National Criminal Police Office in Munich. There, the samples must be examined for any prohibited ingredients they may contain. It may take weeks for exam results to become available.

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Attorney General Björn Pfeifer of the Public minister de Traunstein also confirmed on Thursday that the proceeds had been confiscated. The spokesperson for the authorities did not provide any further information.

Lidl immediately reacted to the action of the investigating authorities and has apparently already removed the cannabis items from the range. AZ took a random look at several branches in and around Munich. Cannabis products were not available for sale in any of the markets. Instead, the shelves are filled with other goods.

Lidl confirms: cannabis products withdrawn from the market

Lidl confirmed on Friday that the products had been withdrawn from sale:

“We can confirm that authorities have currently opened an investigation into individual products in our limited-time promotional range of hemp products. As a precaution, we have taken all items off sale and are working closely with the authorities. "

For those unfamiliar with German law, CBD is still part of German drug law. Namely, it cannot be "advertised", and certainly not to consumers delivered by mail. The big cannabis companies (starting with Tilray) have found themselves on the wrong side of German law in court for less.

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