The safeguarding of bees by cannabis

Raising bees and cannabis together could stop hive decline

Bees are the most beneficial insects on the planet. They pollinate more than 85% of the world's flowering plants, including more than two thirds of our plant species. But the number of beehives has been dropping for 50 years ... As the cannabis industry continues to expand, producers and consumers can take action to support vulnerable bee populations. The reward, one of the best therapeutic product to date: honey infused with cannabis

Bees & cannabis

There are few studies on bees and cannabis, and no relationship is known between the two. Bees are drawn to brightly colored flowers, plants that produce pollen and nectar. Cannabis is wind pollinated, and its indefinable flower color does little to attract bees. Male cannabis plants produce pollen, but cannabis growers prefer female plants, which are not pollinated and do not contain seeds.

The safeguarding of bees by cannabis

Bees do not have cannabinoid receptors, so they are unlikely to forage for cannabis, as humans would ...

The collapse of the settlements

It is not known what exactly causes the collapse of the settlements. But unfortunately, bees have a lot of factors that struggle against them. The flowering times of their food sources are no longer the same, which drastically changes their habits. But also the parasites and mites which are more and more numerous, they are the mortal enemies of our dear bees. In addition, urban sprawl causes the loss of their habitat, and this is arguably the most devastating aspect.

The safeguarding of bees by cannabis

Also bees do best with a different diet. Almond trees, for example, are increasingly pollinated by bees in California. However, the large-scale plantation of a single species of fruit tree, forces the bees to find another source of food… What tires them is to cover incredible distances to find another source of food. In the end, the bees literally die of exhaustion ...

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Bee-killing pesticides

A 2014 study made by Harvard Insectology University, demonstrates that neonicotinoids are the direct cause of colony collapse. Neonicotinoids are the world's most widely used insecticides and the deadliest for bees ... The study found that once the hive was exposed to the neonicotinoid poison, the majority of bees would die. Thus, they stop their reproduction and abandon the hives ...

The safeguarding of bees by cannabis
Neonicotinoids, so-called systemic insecticides because they penetrate the entire vascular system of the plant.

In addition, the French government could reverse theaerial spraying ban from 2016. That is to say the air spraying of pesticides. But he also returns to the question of neonicotinoids, nicknamed bee-killing pesticides. It is a contradictory decision, since the National Assembly had banned them last year ...

The safeguarding of bees by cannabis

Since most cannabis is laboratory tested, weed lovers will be interested in a pesticide-free crop… And so why not include honey bees in a crop? Also in countries where weed is legal, knowing where your weed comes from allows consumers to support businesses that work in sustainable cultivation, with organic soils and therefore without chemical addition. This is especially important for those who like to smoke ... If pesticides are present, the levels of pesticides are also concentrated in cannabis.

What to do?

Of course, one of the solutions is to live and buy organic, which is more to consume local products. But it would take numbers to influence agribusiness companies ... Another way to support bees is to roll up their sleeves and create a habitat for them. Plant flowers that bloom in different seasons of the year. Create a native garden to support different species of native bees… These are struggling to find food among imported plants. Create waterholes (and landing areas, ledges) available for thirsty bees. Or become a beekeeper, take care of your bees ...

The safeguarding of bees by cannabis
Linden honey harvest in the Oise

The HoneyBeeBuzzed experience

Ellen Markham, founder of HoneyBeeBuzzed, has spent years growing cannabis, while keeping her bees. She started in Portland, Oregon, where her bees thrived in a neighborhood full of flowers and fruit trees. When she moved to Humboldt County, she had to pack her beehives. But in this rural country of redwoods, her bees struggled to find food. Ellen's bees fed on local lingonberries. And they used a lily pad to get access to fresh water. And during the drought, when food was scarce, Ellen stopped making honey, leaving the hive to feed its inhabitants during these difficult times (the care) ...

The safeguarding of bees by cannabis

Ellen says she is inspired by the relationship between honey and medicinal cannabis. She considers them to be superfoods. Indeed, honey has a wide range of uses, both internally and externally. Thus, its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, soothe sore throats, heal minor burns, stimulate the immune system. And even locally, we know today that honey relieves allergies, and help with scarring. Bees do a lot of work for HoneyBeeBuzzed. Which makes basic ingredients like honey, beeswax, and propolis even more useful when infused with cannabis. The range from HoneyBeeBuzed is really a natural pharmacy, with the taste as a bonus.

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Support programs

If beekeeping seems distant and difficult to you, there are organizations that effectively support bees. This is the case of the Pollinator Conservation Program of the Xerces company. This organization works to protect pollinators in the United States. Locally in the cannabis state of California, is the Honey Bee Research Facility, one of the largest and most comprehensive bee laboratories in the USA.

The safeguarding of bees by cannabis
Elizabeth Frost in a moment of lightness at the Honey Bee Research Facility,

In short, bees and cannabis are linked for one of the most therapeutic products: honey infused with cannabis. Making the plant thrive by including our bees is surely one of the best solutions there is. Because, for once, it is a symbiosis created by man and these support programs only confirm it ...

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