The broken promises of Justin Trudeau

Trudeau's plan to legalize marijuana is an insult to Canadians

A series of broken promises left Canadians in suspense. So, at the end of last month, Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government announced that he would eventually legalize marijuana. The kickoff date was set for April 20, the holy day for marijuana smokers. But…

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The provinces will legalize in their own way ...

Cannabis consumers believe in the medicinal properties of the plant. Outside the Canadian establishment of health has always vigorously refuted the claims concerning the therapeutic properties of cannabis. Which ultimately hurt the idea of ​​direct legalization of cannabis in Canada ... Canadian society today feels insulted by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. And especially by the false hope that seems to be the legalization.

canada, tobacco, legalization, promises, Justin Trudeau
Justin Trudeau, elected Prime Minister of Canada on October 20, 2015 aroused the media enthusiasm ...

Indeed, the passage of any law of legalization in Parliament will immediately oblige the 10 provincial governments to adopt regulatory legislation of their own. As the former MP said Brent Rathgeber, the provinces will be free to be as restrictive as they wish ... Because given the general constitutional powers, the provincial governments are keen on the regulation of intoxicants ... The Prime Minister himself has repeatedly asserted that one of its main motives for legalizing cannabis are to curb its rates of use, which are currently increasing.

canada, tobacco, legalization, promises, Justin Trudeau
Liberal values ​​and cooperation on the menu of ministers ...

In other words, legalization could very well make smoke-related persecution more frequent than now, given that it will herald the end of Canada's current status quo. Most large cities do not explicitly explain cannabis laws, but politically they are unpopular… Currently Canada is at the start of a new era of arrests, trials and even incarceration to demonstrate how much Trudeau's "new laws" will be effective ...

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Tax revenue according to Justin Trudeau

A 2016 report by Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce economist Avery Shenfeld, estimated that the legal pot could generate revenue of $ 5 billion per year. That is, if the government can kill the black market… As The Beaverton recently noted in a satirical article, nothing is more efficiently distributed than an illegal good whose illegality is not enforced ...

canada, tobacco, legalization, promises, Justin Trudeau
1/4 of cigarette purchases in Ontario are made on Native American reservations

High taxes really encourage illegal sales. This is why many US states have been forced to cut taxes. And why a quarter of all smokers in Ontario buy tobacco from Indian reserves. Prime Minister Trudeau has promised that any cash generated by the "drugs" will be used in educational programs against addiction ... But a net benefit would only be possible if legalization occurs in the context of cutting government spending. Especially in the area of ​​the police, that is to say the layoffs of police officers ...

The broken promises of Justin Trudeau
Cannawide marijuana dispensary is raided by Toronto Police officers in Toronto on Thursday, May 26, 2016. Toronto Police issued warnings a month ago to numerous dispensaries operating outside of current Canadian marijuana laws and as part of Project Claudia are now raiding the shops. THE CANADIAN PRESS / Cole Burston

The legalization of marijuana will be a strange undertaking in Canada… Ottawa gives its explicit approval to commercial marijuana. But while maintaining that it should not be consumed by the public… The state will exert a great deal of effort to protect people against the supposed risks to which they have voluntarily exposed them… The fight against the pseudo dangerousness of cannabis will become more and more in addition to demanding, see hysterical… Anti-cannabis laws and regulations on medical marijuana are hardly enforced at present. It is a safe bet that they will be swapped towards inconsistent regulation. This will not please cannabis users, nor those who anticipate a great libertarian transformation of their society ...

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