Are CBD tampons effective in relieving menstrual pain?

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A study published in the British Medical Journal showed that 20% of women under 25 missed school or work due to period pain, and 40% are severely affected because the pain prevents them from concentrating. . Some women say they take the birth control pill only to try and relieve period pain, and although statistics are lacking, the pill is known to have this effect. A 2017 article even analyzed how each form of contraception ranks in pain relief issues. But there are some side effects to such use. What if there was another solution without taking hormones and their drawbacks? CBD is known to be effective in treating pain, anxiety, and managing cancer side effects like vomiting. Studies on this subject are numerous and although the positive effects have yet to be demonstrated, what has already been published is very promising.

Dr Leila Frodsham, consulting gynecologist and spokesperson for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, believes that CBD has sufficient evidence of its effectiveness in the case of incurable pain and for the management of anxiety when cbd is used in advisedly. There is less evidence to support menstrual symptoms, but, as the effectiveness is considered to be similar to ibuprofen, it may well help with both menstrual cramps and the mood swings of PMS.

While there is little research on the oil's benefits for period pain, there are a few products that explore it directly for highly targeted cases.

Daye is one of those companies. Founded in March 2020 Daye is one of those companies in fact it specializes in CBD infused tampons that claim to reduce period pain in a hyper-targeted way. The idea for the company "came from reading research papers on industrial hemp - the mother plant of CBD." Valentina Milanova, founder of Daye, explains to The Independent: “Thanks to research, I realized that the fibers of the plant are hyper absorbent and that the extract of its flower can relieve pain. But the brand can't claim their products provide pain relief for regulatory reasons.

Dr Frodsham discusses the lack of research around CBD oil in general and its relationship to menstrual symptoms in particular, but she clarifies, “It appears that oral CBD may be slower to act and less effective than topical application. All drugs taken by mouth pass through the liver for metabolism, so a lot of the active drugs are lost in this process. "Adding that" gynecologists often use suppositories to relieve pain for gynecological procedures because the blood supply to the pelvis is rich and so theoretically it can be more effective. She has since done further research on CBD, particularly in terms of its effectiveness on menstrual pain and pain. women's health, and she came across a study that is currently underway on the very subject, the results of which she is eagerly awaiting.

Women's health research is desperately underfunded. On average, it takes a woman in the UK seven to eight years to be diagnosed with endometriosis - around 40% of women need at least ten GP visits before being diagnosed. It is believed that 1 in 10 women suffer from endometriosis. So having an entire study dedicated to the effectiveness of CBD for period pain is potentially revolutionary. It remains to be seen what the results will be, but based on my personal experience and Dr Frodsham's expertise, it looks like CBD may well be a big step towards an effective pain solution for period pain, in particular. especially when used topically in products such as tampons.


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