Amsterdam's 8 most beloved munchies after a coffee shop

amsterdam's 8 most beloved munchies 7

The 8 most impressive and tasty munchies Amsterdam has to offer you right out of the coffees shops

For some reason, each time you leave coffee shops, many are seized with a real desire to taste something gourmet. Even though cannabis regularly contributes to the body's balance on weight and leanness, any dose of cannabis can lead to the awakening of a strong desire for food, priority sweet and salty, called in the language of the people the darker. -slab. With the help of culinary experts, we have put together the 8 most impressive and tasty munchies that the European weed capital can keep. In Amsterdam you can of course enjoy high quality cannabis but also savor a selection of foods to appease your appetite.

Here are the 8 most popular munchies in Amsterdam right out of a coffee shop

The Divine Cookie of Van Stapele Koekmakerij

This cookie is made from a high quality chocolate paste made from cocoa from Valrhona. Crispy on the outside this Cookie encloses a soft filling of melted white chocolate. Only after the first bite you will understand why everyone is queuing for just one type of cookies.

The most beloved 8 munchies in Amsterdam
Van Stapele's Cookie Divin Koekmakerij

The Churros of Rene's Croissanterie

For those who do not know, the churros is a sweet dish that comes from the Spanish delicacy, sweet dough fried in deep oil on which you can add Nutella, whipped cream or it all depends on your fancy, the pictures speak of themselves.

The most beloved 8 munchies in Amsterdam
Rene's Croissanterie Churros

French fries Manneken Pis

No room for doubt, here are the most popular and probably the best fries in town. Thus, you will have 23 varieties of sauce to choose from and potatoes treated with small onions. Ask the Belgians what they think ...

The most beloved 8 munchies in Amsterdam
The fries of Manneken Pis

The cheese stick from home Kaasland

Parmesan cheese stick covered, there is really nothing to add.

The most beloved 8 munchies in Amsterdam
Cheese stick from Kaasland

Dunkin 'Donuts as indicated by his name

World famous donuts, a variety of flavors full of colors and a delight for the palate and the eyes.

The most beloved 8 munchies in Amsterdam
Dunkin 'Donuts

Chain New York Pizza

Pizza chains that you can find in every corner of the city for pizza lovers of all kinds.

The most beloved 8 munchies in Amsterdam
The typical pizza of New York Pizza

Phoebus , the fast food chain

The most famous fast-food chain in the Netherlands has only a dozen branches in Amsterdam. The uniqueness of the place is the wall that is at the entrance to the store where you can choose from a variety of foods without waiting to order. So, just put a coin under the desired product and the wall opens. Pull out the dish and eat heartily. On average, every fifteen minutes each dish is replaced with new, fresh, hot food.

The most beloved 8 munchies in Amsterdam
The fibo food wall

Original Stroopwafels the Original Dutch waffle

The most beloved 8 munchies in Amsterdam
My famous Dutch waffle

How can we start the day with a good joint and without stroopwafels? So you can't? Thus, calling itself "original", because unique in the sector. But you can also find it in the city's supermarkets and various confectionery shops. Besides, this waffle is a caramel and cream sandwich… Warning, just a little warning: this waffle is addictive!

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