Acquittal of a manager of the Belgian Social Cannabis Club

Social Cannabis Club

The story of a young Tournaisian President acquitted by the Court of Belgium

Belgium, like many European countries, claims to be a victim of the black market in cannabis, including a negative image of the stoner. Cannabis enthusiasts are not necessarily for this state of affairs, it is the case of a Tournaisien who had the good idea to open an association working for the good and the good image of the plant, a "Social Cannabis Club ”in order to improve public safety and the social life of its members. However, Belgium still considers marijuana as the most consumed illegal “drug” and the experience of “Bon pied, bonne Web” was short-lived, but without major consequences for its courageous President ^^

The system of cannabis social clubs

In October 2015, a young Tournaisien launched the ASBL (Association Without Profit) "Good foot, good grass" with the aim of opening a first social cannabis club in Tournai. Adrien D. passionate about cannabis and no longer wishing to supply himself in the street, rightly, decided to open his own association, in order to share his passion with other members.

Adrien D. President of "Good foot, good grass"

Dozens of members have come together, paying a realistic membership fee for the number; in exchange for which the non-profit organization "Bon pied, bonne forêt" was prepared to take charge of the cultivation of their common plants, of cannabis, etc. And this under good conditions, particularly in terms of prevention, because the approach being to avoid street, the dangers of dangerous drugs and to ensure their own production so as not to have recourse to dealers. The cannabis social club system is currently the most efficient model for delivering small amounts of cannabis to people who need it. They were not spared, however, and had their share of problems with the authorities.

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Following a press article, the prosecutor demanded the sitting closure of the place and obviously the seizure of eleven cannabis plants ... The legality of "Bon pied, bonne Web" was called into question, its president moreover defended himself against 'have any criminal activity, but weeks later the case continued in criminal court.

Happy ending

The Public Prosecutor's Office called for a 12-month suspended prison sentence against Adrien D, on the multiple grounds of infringement against the law such as not having the right to keep several plants in the same place, nor to promote consumption. of "narcotic" ...


In Belgium, until 2003, no legal distinction was made between the different substances considered as drugs, the treatment reserved for offenses linked to cannabis was similar to that reserved for offenses linked to heroin or cocaine. Today cannabis is considered to be the “drug” presenting the least risk to health, but the legislation is not clear, and changing ... The government has therefore decided that this product “deserves” specific legislation, and therefore consequence, specific judgments ...

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Fortunately, this Tuesday, the Tribunal therefore that it was impossible to prove that there was in Adrien's case any inducement or facilitation to the consumption of narcotics. The president of the Club, this young man of 27, was therefore acquitted. A few days later, this Thursday, the prosecution appealed against this decision ...

Judge M'Benza delivered his verdict, "the file does not sufficiently prove that the aim of the non-profit organization is to facilitate the consumption of cannabis".

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