82% of French people say they support medical cannabis

82 of French people say they are in favor of medical cannabis

In an IFOP survey, 8 out of 10 French people believe that medical cannabis must be legalized.

This result comes from a survey which interviewed 2000 people. This is an essential step in the way the French population perceives cannabis. However, there are still some prejudices about its level of dangerousness.

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A “tipping point” in the image of cannabis

Ce FIFG survey, commissioned by Terra Nova and Echo Citoyen shows a real change in mentality. This modification is largely due to a change of generations. The last generations have a greater tolerance and openness to cannabis.

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However, this is more of an evolution than a revolution. Only medical cannabis is favored by the vast majority of French people. They believe that it should be possible to access it in a strict and regulated framework, and only for certain diseases. For 62% of respondents, cannabis, whatever the way it is presented, must be able to be available. Thus, whether in the form of oil, dried flowers, etc., the French see no restriction in this matter. In addition, 56% even believe that medical cannabis should be reimbursed by Social Security.

The failure of repressive policies

Another lesson we have learned from this survey is the ineffectiveness of the policies conducted for decades against cannabis. Thus 66% of the people questioned made this observation on the lack of results on the prevention of health risks. More interestingly, 76% of French people surveyed note this failure of the policies undertaken to limit consumption, and 78% consider the fight against trafficking ineffective.

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The percentage of people wishing to maintain the law is only 21%.

However, there are still prejudices to fight, because 91% of respondents believe that cannabis is harmful to health, even if not more than tobacco or alcohol.

Last lesson of this survey FIFG: 2% of the respondents admitted to consuming cannabis daily. Their profile: they come from the top, graduate, urban, young and active professional social categories.

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