8 signs to find out if the grass is good

8 signs to know if weed is good

In order to know if the cannabis flower is of good quality or not, there are several parameters to check.

In an unregulated market, it is difficult to know in advance if the cannabis flower is of good quality. Thus, it is possible to come across poor quality, or worse, up to mold. Here are the eight signs to look out for before rolling one.

The smell

Trichomes, Sativa, Indica, quality cannabis, Flower

High-quality cannabis, grown under optimal conditions by experienced cannibalizers, will produce powerful aromas and fragrances. The nose is one of the most effective tools for identifying the quality of a product. However, there are varieties with different and sometimes imperceptible smells.

If your cannabis flowers are almost odorless, they are probably not fresh enough anymore. This means that their effect will also be different, usually more tiring. Fresh flowers will have a more powerful scent and their effect will be "stronger".

At the same time, don't get lost. Fresh cut buds that haven't been aged well will still be potent. On the other hand, it will not necessarily be of quality, pleasant, during and after consumption.

In most cases, the aromas of coffee, chocolate, black pepper indicate strains Indicates. Lemon aromas are characteristic of Sativa.

Most important: Avoid eating odorless flowers or with a musty smell.

The colour

Trichomes, Sativa, Indica, quality cannabis, Flower

High quality cannabis flowers will generally be green. The shade can vary from dark green to light green. Purple or pink tints can also appear and there is no problem with this. On the other hand, if the flower is brown or yellow, it is probably a low-quality product.

The black color may indicate the presence of mold. A pale white tint can be caused by slight burns. Sometimes the color can be confusing, so the important question to ask is whether the flower is what you would expect to see on a quality plant.

Most important: Avoid brown, yellow, red, white or black cannabis flowers.

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The structure

Trichomes, Sativa, Indica, quality cannabis, Flower
On the right a thin cannabis flower: indicating a less qualitative growth

In general, indica strains will be denser, firmer and harder, while sativa strains will be softer and softer. The hybrid structure is in between.

On the other hand, poor growth can lead to flowers that are too aerated, empty of substance, filled with leaves and small trichomes.

On the other hand, you may also come across flowers that are too compressed, not sufficiently ventilated, and too tight. Inadequate drying and aging or poor processing conditions storage may be the cause.

Most important: A little common sense is enough. If the structure doesn't look good, the weed probably isn't good.

The manicure

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Cannabis flowers should be pruned before use. This is a particularly important process. Unlike flowers, which contain most of the active ingredients, the small leaves that emerge from the flower mostly contain a lot of chlorophyll. They are not recommended for consumption.

Good pruning will leave a beautiful head completely free of extra leaves, even the smallest ones.

If the flower is full of small leaves, then it is a lower quality product that has not undergone professional trimming or has gone through an automatic machine, which can be confirmed by damage to trichomes and active ingredients.

Most important: Avoid smoking sheets.


Trichomes, Sativa, Indica, quality cannabis, Flower

Trichomes are the shiny little bubbles that adorn cannabis flowers. Therein lies the sticky resin and the richness: the cannabinoids THC, CBD, etc. We want them healthy, beautiful and flamboyant.

A flower without any trichomes is a poor quality flower, while a flower rich in trichomes will have a much better effect.

But not only is the density of trichomes important, but so is their color.

While the density can be identified with a glance, their color will be easier to detect with a small hand microscope or magnifying glass.

The rule is quite simple: when the trichomes still appear immature, the bubble will be translucent. When amber (orange-red) the flowers are overripe and probably harvested late, which can cause a feeling of heaviness and fatigue.

The ideal is a milky color (gray-white), but this is still a matter of taste. Some prefer the effect of young cannabis and others prefer the effect of mature cannabis.

Most important: The better the trichomes, the better the flower.

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Seeds and branches

Trichomes, Sativa, Indica, quality cannabis, Flower

A quality cannabis flower will have a minimum of branches and seeds and a maximum of "exploitable material". An excess of branches indicates non-qualitative growth, and the presence of seeds (even one or two), indicates the presence of a male plant during growth.

Although this is not a total loss of quality, the branches and seeds certainly indicate a lower quality plant.

Most important: Do not smoke small branches and seeds and if you find them, remove them from the smoking mixture.


Trichomes, Sativa, Indica, quality cannabis, Flower

High quality cannabis flowers are those that have evolved on a female plant. Male plants are not intended for use.

A male plant can be recognized by the small "bags" that emerge from the flower. This means that the genetics of the plant have characteristics hermaphrodite (males and females together) or that the harvest was made unusually late, causing stress causing the plant to create male organs in order to reproduce.

Most important: Only consume females.

Mold, pests and pesticides

Trichomes, Sativa, Indica, quality cannabis, Flower

The greatest danger is the inhalation of dangerous substances hidden in the flower.

Since it is a plant material, it is not very rare for the flower to develop molds of all kinds.

Inhaling mold in the lungs is considered a real health hazard. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully consider whether the flower does not contain black dots or a layer of white hairs resembling cobwebs.

Cannabis growers, who use chemical agents to spray plants to prevent the build-up of pests, should rinse the plant thoroughly in the days before harvest. If they don't, the flowers have residues that are harmful to health. This is a very difficult point to check on your own, but at least it is important to make sure of the details from the seller / producer and to feel that there is no spray smell.

Thus, a bad culture can see the accumulation in the flowers of pests such as spiders, beetles, and their eggs.

Most important: Examine the flower with a magnifying glass and make sure that it does not contain any unwanted things. If any of the items listed above is there, throw it in the trash.

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