7 US states preparing for legalization

The 7 US states that are preparing for the full legalization of cannabis

Cannabis is still illegal in the United States for the purposes of federal law. However, the Obama administration has used the policy of non-enforcement of federal law, provided that the state (states) where the population votes in a referendum in favor of laws, especially on legalization. Establish a regulatory system for all different aspects of the cannabis market, hamper access and sale to minors. But also prevents smuggling out of the country and the involvement of criminal elements. The election of Donald Trump as President of the United States therefore did not stop the wind from legalizing cannabis. Eight countries have already confirmed full legalization, the snowball continues to roll. In addition, 7 other states are currently working on the presentation of bills to fully regulate the cannabis market.


The United States, today

In 2012, the first bills presented themselves in Colorado and Washington. This is to legalize recreational marijuana. Later in 2014, Oregon and Alaska (2014) also voted for businesses selling cannabis legally. Maine, Massachusetts, California and Nevada followed in 2016. Today legalization exists in 8 states and the District of Columbia, therefore Washington DC. It's the capital.

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Of the 50 states in the United States, 28 have legislated some degree of regulation of the cannabis industry. Thus medical cannabis was accepted in Ohio, Illinois, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Vermont, Montana, Michigan, Minnesota, Maryland, New Jersey, New Hampshire, New York, New Mexico, Florida, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. 12 states also voted in favor of non-incrimination (Ohio, Illinois, Delaware, Vermont, Minnesota, Mississippi, Maryland, Nebraska, New York, North Carolina North, Connecticut, Rhode Island).

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Despite the concerns of many over the inauguration of Donald Trump. As well as the reality of a very conservative party led by a Minister of Justice known as one of the biggest opponents of Marijuana (Jeff Sessions). The US government is forced to agree on the topic of cannabis. The success of the experiment in Washington DC and Colorado bears witness to this state of affairs.

The 7 countries that will join the party



The liberal state is also home to Bernie Sanders. The man was backed for the Democratic nomination ahead of Hillary Clinton in the last election. Sanders supports legalization which is well known in the USA. In 2004, Vermont approved the sale and entitlement to medical marijuana.

"The removal of the federal ban on marijuana should have happened a long time ago"

In 2013, a law has also been approved supporting the non-criminalization of all possession of cannabis up to 28 grams. But, since 2014, several attempts to pass laws for recreational purposes have failed.But last month, a new twist with the tabling of a new bill passed through the Senate. If the bill is approved, all citizens will be able to grow up to two plants. The amount allowed for personal use will be increased from 28 to 60 grams. This law project represents another step in the process of fully legalizing cannabis in the state of Vermont.

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New Jersey

New Jersey

New Jersey is a very interesting state. He approved medical cannabis in 2010, and in 2016 Governor Chris Christie surprisingly extended the law. The list of diseases eligible for medical marijuana was expanded. Until accepting patients suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In addition, the pressure of veterans on the state is largely responsible for this development. Veterans constitute 20% of all people with PTSD, and they have demanded natural treatment. But, Governor Christie was one of the most important politicians against legalization. What made him one of the least popular governors of all time… Things have moved forward with great difficulty…

Christie repeats that he is the last obstacle to legalization:

"Without a doubt, I'm the last barrier and I'll be the last hurdle to January 2018"

This statement led Christie to harsh criticism from the media. But also the governor was faced with public complaints. New Jersey political opponents get the message - If Christie's opinion isn't popular, it will do the exact opposite and gain popularity.

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Weed or Christie? ...

State lawmakers were frequently on trips to the state of Colorado, the first country to approve recreational legalization. This in order to understand how to set up a system of control and regulation of cannabis. Soon, they intend to present a new bill after the governance of Christie ... This one will leave his post in 2018.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island

What 's happening in Massachusetts ultimately comes from neighboring Rhode Island. Upon legalization on 08.11.16 approved in Massachusetts, experts directly estimated that Rhode Island will soon approve a similar law. The medical use of cannabis in the country was approved in 2006. Despite a certain Rhode Island state attorney general, Peter Kilmrtin, lawmakers are working hard on upcoming legislation. They've been proposing a bill to legalize marijuana for 6 years, and every year ...


The prescription for medical marijuana in Delaware approved in 2011. It is intended to delineate non-incrimination, allowing possession of up to 28 grams, which was fully approved in 2015. Now, after years of opposition to recreational legalization, a new bill introduced by Senator Roz Henry, could lead to the regulation and taxation of cannabis.


Delaware, as opposed to other countries does not allow a referendum by the voters… All citizens' initiatives in favor of cannabis are becoming very difficult. For cannabis to be legal, the senator will need to gain sufficient support from politicians across the country. And even if the state cannot count on the public, 61% at last poll supports full legalization of cannabis. To be continued ...


In 2013, a bill allowed the use of medical marijuana in the country. And in 2016, Governor Bruce Rauner approved the non-incrimination based on 10 grams of cannabis possession… As an offense, the maximum penalty can be up to $ 200 fine in Illinois.


Last month (22/03/17) a bill was introduced to allow recreational use. This should increase the amount of permitted possession to 28 grams. And even more, the cannabis user will be able to grow up to 5 plants at home. Early estimates predict annual sales of $ 400-700.000.000 in Illinois. New survey shows nearly 70% of public support supports legalization for recreational purposes.

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Medical marijuana in Michigan was approved in 2008. And in some cities there are non-incrimination laws. In 2012, the cities of Detroit and Flint passed a law that allows possession of 28 grams for those 21 and over. However, the sale and solicitation of the consumption of cannabis can lead to a very heavy sentence… Indeed, 4-15 years of prison and fixed fines of 20 dollars to 000 million dollars are established against the trade, and depending on its volume ...


These days an active group supporting legalization is laying the groundwork for a bill that will be put to a vote probably in 2018. But this, after failing a vote in 2016… According to some surveys, 57% of respondents are in favor of recreational legalization in Michigan.


The use of medical marijuana was approved in 2010. During the last election in 2016, Arizona saw "Proposition 205" pass… This would allow the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. But, after a close race, (48% in favor and 52% against) the offer was not accepted.


The reason for the failure of the bill is apparently an aggressive anti-legalization campaign largely funded by the pharmaceutical company Insys Therapeutics. This manufacturer produces painkillers, the dangerous ones on the market… Their drug is considered stronger than heroin. As proof, the sinister drug recently killed the famous artist "Prince". And more recently, this same company which said that "cannabis is dangerous for the public", is authorized by the DEA to produce synthetic cannabis… Worse, its drug is downgraded in pharma products, while natural cannabis is still seen as as dangerous as heroin…

Arizona Dream movie
Arizona Dream…

Fortunately, an ambitious and militant group from Arizona, proposes a bill offering a non-criminalization of all the banned substances used in the country, from marijuana to LSD… This one will be voted in the elections of the American Senate and the House of Representatives in 2018. In the event Arizona "isn't ready" for this big political leap yet, the group is also preparing a proposal to approve recreational-only marijuana (similar to the 2016 proposal). ). If the proposal is approved group will have to collect 150,642 signatures, for a referendum vote election in 2018.

American support

Recent surveys show that 60% of the American public supports full legalization of cannabis. TheEnquête conducted by the University of Quinnipiac showed that 71% of United States citizens oppose federal law enforcement. Additionally 93% support the legalization of medical marijuana. And 59% support full legalization. Despite the high rate of support, it is impossible to know who the new Trump administration will be, some of the leaders are open opponents against legalization.


What is certain is that public support is increasing. Thus, the issue grows larger over time. Today, the use of marijuana as a medicinal plant is finally a human right in most of the world. But the use of cannabis in recreational purposes, is still a taboo subject. But according to current forecasts, the American mainstream in favor of cannabis, will remain ^^

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