7 good reasons not to mix tobacco with weed

7 good reasons not to mix tobacco with marijuana 9

7 good reasons to use cannabis without tobacco

To date dozens of studies have found that this addition can cause unwanted damage to memory, sleep, increased lung problems and many more examples ...

Most cannabis users in Europe, either because of the excessive price or because of a bad habit, tend to mix with tobacco. Despite the dangers involved, the so-called “mix” is everyday life for most consumers in Europe. So why add tobacco? Here are 7 more good reasons why you shouldn't mix it up.

1. Increased dependency potential

7 good reasons not to mix tobacco with marijuana

One of the biggest damage inherent in tobacco, specifically nicotine, is its huge addictive potential that causes people to smoke cigarettes for many years and needs outside help to get out of it.

Previous research has found that adding a mixture of smoking tobacco increases the potential for becoming addicted to cannabis itself 5 times more - unlike smoking cannabis alone.
Since cannabis use is not physiological addiction, smoking a 'clean' joint significantly reduces the risk of developing cannabis addiction and of course, completely saves tobacco addiction in smokers who develop it regularly.

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2. The effect on memory

7 good reasons not to mix tobacco with marijuana

One of the most common myths about the average consumer is that cannabis has a negative impact on memory.
In a comprehensive study conducted in Texas, have found that the "tobacco" mixture negatively affects the size of the hippocampus (part of the brain responsible, among other things, for learning memory and its abilities)

3.Reduces the quality of sleep

7 good reasons not to mix tobacco with marijuana

A study conducted at Johns Hopkins University has demonstrated that the symptoms of rapid withdrawal from nicotine causes difficulty in reaching deep sleep. Further research have examined the relationship between smoking and regular nicotine consumption affects the quality, depth and length of average sleep.

To date, no study has been conducted to specifically examine the combined effect of tobacco and cannabis on sleep, however a similar study that looked at the effects of a number of materials - including cannabis, caffeine, nicotine, and opioids, has found that almost everyone (except clean cannabis) has a negative impact on sleep.

4.Volume effect

7 good reasons not to mix tobacco with marijuana

Biomolecular research Thoroughly examined the influence of cannabis with and without the addition of nicotine, clearly showed that the behavioral and biochemical relationships between the two change the overall impact for the consumer.

The main change in the study of nicotine is its ability to "enhance the impact of strong THC reactions", or in simple words - nicotine causes the effect of psychoactive cannabis to be stronger up to 2 times compared to smoke a "clean" joint.

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Although consistent with the two previous studies, this study was performed only on laboratory mice and did not include even a single human experiment, it is impossible to know if this effect is reflected in the same way in the human body.

5. Increased damage to the lungs

7 good reasons not to mix tobacco with marijuana

The most important reason why we should all have a renewed interest in health especially in the context of respiratory diseases and even lung cancer. Compared to tobacco use, cannabis does not cause damage to the lungs and certainly no damage like tobacco does. In addition, cannabis is not a risk factor for cancer, on the contrary it can help in some cases to repair or relieve pain.

6.Leasures in the cannabinoids

7 good reasons not to mix tobacco with marijuana

The combustion temperature of tobacco is higher than that of cannabis and can therefore adversely affect an effect of the active ingredients of cannabis: cannabinoids and terpenes - also responsible for influence and flavors. A "Cannabinoid Injury" would have an impact on the quality of the herb: increased fatigue as well as a bad taste.

7. Bad smell

7 good reasons not to mix tobacco with marijuana

The smoke resulting from the combustion of tobacco has a strong smell of ash and burnt chemicals, unlike smoking weed with a dominant sweet odor which does not tend to infect the furniture or remain "hanging" in it. ambiant air. Although the damage caused by smoking has become common and familiar information, for “real cannabis” enthusiasts, there is no objection.

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