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5 misconceptions about growing at home 12

The 5 misconceptions about growing cannabis at home

Many believe that growing cannabis takes a lot of knowledge and professionalism, but the truth is somewhat different. Contrary to what many may think, growing cannabis is a simple and fairly easy craft even. It is true that there is a lot to learn and deepen before specializing. But the truth is, any novice can plant a seed in the ground and expect reasonable results. However, there are still potential cultivators who are forced to give up this wonderful hobby due to certain misconceptions. Here are five mistakes and misconceptions among novice cannabis growers:

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1. Requires a lot of money

This is probably one of the most common myths. This caused a few good people with limited financial capacity to give up the idea of ​​growing indoors. Obviously, growing indoors requires basic equipment that will simulate natural conditions. However, it is not necessary to buy the best quality and the most expensive to get satisfactory results.

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Indoor cultivation under LED, suitable for ... tomatoes

For the beginner who wants to raise a plant or two, there is basic equipment, a "Starter Kit" for indoor growth. Namely that the potential yield obtained is certainly cheaper than buying cannabis on the black market.

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A "Starter Kit" version +

When it comes to growing cannabis outdoors, it can be said that clever design of the plant's location can lead to increased yield. With a minimal need for intervention, the related expenses and the potential of crop production are very advantageous.

2. Have professional knowledge

It is obvious that preliminary professional knowledge can contribute to a better world… But even here it is necessary to achieve satisfactory results, while being satisfied.

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First, love the plant

It is surprising how well some strains of cannabis adapt to extreme conditions. You just need to improve a few gardening skills. And above all to do that with a little love, perseverance and wanting to learn a little more on the subject… which is within everyone's reach!

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3. The technique is more important than genetics

Although developing gardening skills is an important part, they can reach a certain limit. Theoretical knowledge and practical experience are things that will help you get the most out of the seeds available to you. But the whole cannabis plant is limited to a certain level depending on its genetics.

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For a beginner, nothing better than clear genetics

Once the plant has reached its maximum genetic potential, there is no technique that derives even more benefit from it. The genetics of the seeds are essential. This will dramatically improve the growing experience from start to finish of your crop. There is a saying in the middle:

"Good genetics represents 50% of the work".

4. Seeds for beginners

False and totally ... These "seeds" come from cultures whose genetics have been mixed, and very often at random ... A popular idea is to believe that we would do better with this type of seed, or premature seeds ... And may it remain an excellent learning tool. We would almost recommend them to novice growers ...

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The poisoned "gift" ...

While there is logic to this understanding, seed quality from an unreliable source or premature seed (which is not 100%) will imply poor growth. In addition they will be hyper sensitive to parasites and to all inappropriate conditions ... For a beginner, they will lead to failure of culture, and harvest.

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The Skunk # 1 a safe bet for beginners

In addition, the characteristics of an unknown plantation can really damage the genetics ... Avoid all dubious sources, the result can be catastrophic. It is strongly recommended that you get safe genetics, even recommended for beginners. Indeed it is not necessary to take the most expensive seed from your favorite seeder. And as a result, you will have a new genetically recognized recruit for your next adventures ^^

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Flavor your cannabis plants ...

This is one of the funniest and most stupid misconceptions that we know… But also one of the deadliest… Water your cannabis plants with fruit juice, or other (often illicit) substances even more murderous. At best, that won't change anything. Conversely, you will simply kill your plant. Improving the taste or the effect by intoxicating the plant is quite simply the most comical of Arles ... It will cause more harm than good, of course ...

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Cannabis is not a "cannibal" plant

If you still insist on experimenting with this technique, it is better not to use fruit juice diluted with water, but natural concentrate - like juice or vanilla… Wait 3-4 days before harvesting, then stop l 'water supply. This can more or less work, because your cannabis will die of thirst and will have no other solution than to drink the potash… After the irrigation wait 3-4 hours to allow the plant to absorb the liquid.

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Rather preferred a drink infused with cannabis ...

Anyway, this last theory will harm your plant ... Harvest in a short time if you want less damage. Others will have the idea of ​​mixing illicit substances with cannabis… Obviously no serious information proves that this trick works… It is easier to work on charas, than subjecting a living plant to many chemical tortures… In short, good marijuana is marijuana faithful to its genetics, and without ill-considered additions, especially chemical ones…


The main thing that we can certainly say so that everyone can grow cannabis is to let go of preconceived ideas… And at all levels… Growing cannabis is a fun, healthy and satisfying pastime. As with multiple plants, each cycle you go through with your plant will bring you closer to certain mastery.

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Jorge Cervantes...

And it is very often that in this environment, we see the student overtaking the teacher. Plus, everyone has to start somewhere. And it will start with observing the cycles, and a certain passion that will arise from the "compassion" you have towards cannabis.

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