3 Million Australian Dollars Will Be Allocated to Study Medical Cannabis

Cannabis in Australia

Australia funds cannabis medical research

It is no less than 3 million Australian dollars, the equivalent of 1,84 million euros, that the Australian authorities will use for the research on the use of cannabis to help cancer patients, a declared its Health Minister Sunday, as demand for cannabis-based medicinal products is growing rapidly.

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Although legal in most of Australia, these products are only allowed to patients with a medical prescription, and a license is required to cultivate and manufacture medical cannabis.

Health Minister Greg Hunt said on Sunday that access had been granted to more than 11 patients, most of whom were approved this year.

"There have been only a limited number of clinical studies focused on medical cannabis, and we need to increase the evidence base to support health professionals," according to a ministry statement.

Data from the Ministry of Health indicate that 78 companies are now allowed to grow and harvest medical cannabis, compared with only one in March 2017.

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Frontline actress Olivia Newton-Jones

Olivia Newton-John wants Australia to catch up with the rest of the world when it comes to medical cannabis.

Cancer patient rights activist Newton-John says the funding is a good start, but says she is "frustrated" that only 11 Australians have access to medical cannabis.

The singer and actress wants Australia to catch up with the United States in the use of cannabis for cancer treatment.

"They found it didn't cause the problems people feared," she told reporters at the annual Wellness Walk and Research Run in Melbourne last Sunday.

“People need to get rid of this old hippie cliché (about drugs). "

“It helped me a lot, with the pain, the sleep, the anxiety, especially when I had to wean myself off morphine. I took cannabis. "

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