Netanyahu has decided: 40000 criminal cases will be deleted

Legalization committee soon to be set up in Israel

On the way to legalization in Israel. After a series of meetings during which discussions took place with the leaders and supporters of legalization, the Prime Minister accepted a full pardon for cannabis users (suppression of criminal cases). A committee to regulate a legal cannabis market chaired by the Minister of Justice will be set up. Netanyahu will act immediately to lower prices for medical cannabis.

After a series of discussions during which meetings took place between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the president of the Green Leaf Movement and editor of the magazine Cannabis Oren Leibowitz and between Minister of Justice Amir Ohana and lawyer Hatz- David Ozer, PM has decided to adopt the main elements of the » plan Leaf ”. Green.

The plan includes a retroactive amnesty and the removal of criminal records of self-use of cannabis for some 40000 Israelis, and the creation of a committee to promote the legalization of a legal cannabis market in Israel (legalization), including the opening of legal stores.

During the meetings, leaders of the legalization movement in Israel provided statistics on the current harms of anti-cannabis consumption policy and details on Canada's successful legalization model. The next hearing will be held before the High Court of Justice in two months.

Besides the elimination of criminal cases in the context of mass pardon and the creation of the first legalization committee in Israel, the parties intend to promote immediate solutions to reduce the prices of medical cannabis in pharmacies, These have reached a record level thanks to the reform of the industry.

I examined the matter and decided to promote the removal of the criminal records of tens of thousands of Israelis for personal use and possession of cannabis, causing unnecessary suffering to many people and weighing on the courts. Minister Ohana has started work on the issue and will chair a committee with professionals and Oren Leibowitz, President of Green Leaf, who will examine the importation of the Canadian model to regulate a legal market in Israel

The program's first announcement was symbolically posted on Twitter and Facebook at 16:20 p.m. exactly this afternoon. More updates are expected later this week. The legalization committee will be formed soon and will be chaired by Minister Ohana and Oren Lebovich of "GreenLeaf" "

The move follows what Netanyahu said in the April 2019 election when he said he intended to abolish the inclusion of cannabis users. Before the second round of elections in September 2019 , Netanyahu has already announced that he will take steps to legalize it. Entre says he supports a bill to allow an increase in the cannabis flower pot. Justice Minister Ohana also commented on the issue when he repeatedly expressed support for full legalization. The current decision is another step forward, this time more practical, towards the realization of the fight for legalization, if the right-wing bloc reaches 61 seats.

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