The cannabis industry has created 243700 new jobs in the United States

Jobs report: legal cannabis now supports 243700 full-time U.S. jobs

In January 2020, the legal cannabis industry in the United States (medical + recreational) created more than 240000 new jobs. In the past year alone, 33700 jobs have been created, an increase of 15% each year, according to a new report published by the Leafly website.

According to data from the US industry, which is worth more than $ 10 billion a year, it has the fastest growth rate in America, going from 122800 jobs in 2017 to 149300 jobs in 2018, to 211000 jobs in 2019 and 243700 jobs in 2020.

The most important job creators in the industry are the states that have legalized California with 39804 jobs, Colorado with 34705, Washington with 23 et Oregon with 18But Florida 15498 and Arizona 15059.

Hundreds of thousands of new jobs - a steady increase every year

In detail, according to the full report, out of 243700 new jobs, 165730 jobs are in 11 U.S. states that have been approved for the complete legalization of cannabis. The rest are states where only medical cannabis is allowed

Growth versus what?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently compiled a list of industries with the fastest growing employment figures. The job openings for home care assistants are expected to increase by 47%. The openings for wind turbine technicians are expected to increase by 96%. The need for installers of voltaic solar systems is expected to increase by 105%. These gains are expected to occur over a 10-year period.

The most incredible thing is that the 110% growth in cannabis jobs will have occurred over just three years.

These states are booming

Some states like Colorado and Washington opened their stores in 2014 and are starting to feel that the growth in cannabis use is starting to plateau.

Meanwhile, newly legal states, such as Florida (medical) and Nevada (adult use), are experiencing job booms with dramatic gains:

  • Florida increased cannabis use by 703% in 2018, adding more than 9000 full-time jobs.
  • Nevada added more than 7 jobs in the same year.
  • Pennsylvania ended 2017 with about 90 cannabis jobs. He finished 2018 with almost 3900.
  • New York increased its cannabis use by 278%, ending 2018 with more than 5000 jobs.

Who is hiring in 2019

California, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Florida and Arkansas are looking for talent and they need it now!

  • Hiring of cannabis in California remained relatively stable in 2018 due to the disruption caused by the shift from an unregulated medical system to regulated and licensed markets for medical use and for adults. But we expect cannabis jobs in the Golden State to increase by 21% in 2019. In gross numbers, this means that 10261 jobs with good wages, benefits and advancement opportunities are waiting to be provided.
  • In Massachusetts, the state market for adults is starting up. We anticipate adding more than 9500 jobs over the next 12 months.
  • Florida is expected to create more than 5000 jobs in 2019, which would bring the state's total cannabis use to around 15000.
  • Oklahoma is the Far West of cannabis right now. There was no cannabis use a year ago. Now there are 2107. In a year, we expect there will be 4.
  • Arkansas is just launching its medical marijuana program, but there is room for growth: from 135 jobs to 960 by the end of the year.

How to get a job?

Leafly will post a series of articles on working in the cannabis industry: where is the growth, what is it like to work in the cannabis industry, and how to quash this job interview and bring an offer to the House.

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