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How to make Gumby hash


Gumby Hash is a very simple and effective way to make hashish using a water filtration technique.

Your tools

In order to be able to make the Gumby Hash, you will need the following utensils: a bucket, a glass jar, a mixer / drill, a hose, a filter, ice (a lot of
water), water, cannabis buds, gravitational force ... and patience.

The user manual

  1. Mix ice and chopped buds until your bucket is filled to 50%.
  2. Add water until the bucket is full at 90%.
  3. use a mixer. (make sure it does not splatter)
  4. mix for about 30 minutes (add ice if melted, add water if it is too difficult to mix)
  5. filter all
  6. squeeze the resulting filling well
  7. let the bucket sit for a few hours
  8. siphon the top of the bucket (be careful not to approach the surface of the trichomes)
  9. transfer in a glass jar
  10. let it sit for about an hour
  11. siphon the rest of the "clear" water (VERY carefully)
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In images, in pictures

Here are all the cut leaves of both plants. Make sure you do not use large fan blades as you will have a lot of parasitic leaves in your hash.


Add cold water and ice to the mixture, then stir with a mortar mixer for at least 15 minutes to recover all the THC, separating from the leaf.


Here is what the mix looks like after about 15 min of mix.


With a kitchen strainer, remove all leaf debris and water.


This is what the liquid looks like once all the leaves are extracted.


Then, you want to let the liquid rest for at least 4 hours without moving it so that all the elements that you want to recover fall to the bottom.


Use a small pipe to siphon all water, being careful not to touch the bottom layer of the liquid.


After about 20 minutes, here is the bottom layer of the liquid.


We then stop siphoning. And here is the amount of liquid remaining.


Place the liquid in a jar, then let stand for 4 overtime and you can see the layer of hash at the bottom of the jar.


Then siphon the water from the jar taking care not to move the crystals of the bottom.


Here is what remains at the end of this operation.


Place a bag on another pot and throw the remaining liquid into the bag.


Then let the liquid sit for about 1 hour (you can speed up this step by placing it under a lamp)


Here's what's left over after the water evaporates


Here is the final product. that we can train you in a ball or flatten it.


This method allows, with easily accessible material, to produce hashish.

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