The first aircraft in the world, made and powered by hemp, is 10 times more resistant than steel


Whether seats, wings, walls and even cushions aboard the aircraft, the entire aircraft is made from hemp.

With a wingspan of almost 11 meters, the aircraft can accommodate one pilot and four passengers. In addition, it runs from hemp oil made by Hempearth, the Hemp Jet-A Bio Fuel.

In the words of Derek Kesek, CEO of Hempearth: "This project is our first trial with industrial hemp, and we plan to explore many other applications. Once we have established the structural tests and learned the lessons from this project, we will apply them to other forms of construction. This is the kind of future we want to build for all of us here on Earth. From there, there is no limit. "

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The advantage of using hemp is its greater lightness compared to traditional aerospace materials such as aluminum or fiberglass. As a result, the amount of fuel required is less important in order to take off and fly the aircraft at high altitudes.

Another positive point, hemp is not toxic, is more durable, and requires much less water and soil than other plants. Better still, compared to steel or carbon fiber, hemp has almost no impact on the environment.

After making her maiden flight to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, at the very location where the Wright Brothers made the first flight in history, this aircraft will be exhibited at Wright Brothers Memorial.

sources: Hempearth , lecannabiste , captainplanet

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