Australia: Medicinal herb is legal, but 91 woman is struggling to get it


Medicinal cannabis may be legal, but it may be obtained from the Kafkaesque fighter's route

Although the Australian government approved the use of cannabis for medical purposes almost three years ago, there is still red tape that prevents Australians from accessing it. Patricia, 91 years old is waiting for spondylitis, which means she has a curved back and she is suffering. There are 18 months, she fractured L2 vertebrae when her husband fell on her. She has macular degeneration. He was diagnosed with leukemia, but the doctors were mistaken in saying it was liver cancer. Since she had no symptoms, she decided to ignore the diagnosis, and rightly so. She also suffers from bursitis.

However, his brain and mind are intact, as is his sense of humor. Unfortunately, the same can not be said of his body, which is literally broken.

The problem she faced was the constant pain and failure of all the medications prescribed by her doctors to fix it. His quality of life has deteriorated. She was unable to leave the house, perform simple tasks and even get out of bed without suffering. Her daughter did some research to relieve her pain with cannabis.

She discovered that there is only one cannabis clinic in Sydney, with some outlets. It was first necessary to obtain a recommendation from his GP. He did not know medicinal cannabis and therefore needed to be made aware.

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Then an appointment was made with the clinic. This was planned weeks in advance as the clinic doctor works only half a day on Wednesdays. An assessment of this lady was needed to determine if she was suffering enough to warrant a prescription. That meant a taxi ride of 20 kilometers, to get to the clinic.

The doctor rated my mother as a suitable candidate for medical cannabis and charged her a $ 200 consultation fee, payable locally. He explained that she should also give 250 $ more to process the documents and send them to Canberra. The processing time of the application? It takes between 10 minutes and a month, depending on who was at the other end of the fax machine.

Two weeks later, the good news arrived. Canberra had given his approval. However, she will have to return to the clinic to retrieve the prescription. Her daughter explained that her mother was too frail and was suffering too much to do so, so she went to her place.

This visit lasted 10 minutes, cost 125 $ more and she learned that she needed to find a pharmacy that was approved by the government to accept the prescription and distribute the drug. Fortunately, the pharmacist close to this lady was approved by the authorities.

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It took two or three days to deliver the drug to the pharmacist. There were five orders. Each prescription included three bottles of 25 milliliters and cost $ 600. This is 200 $ per bottle of 25 ml.

In addition, cannabis oil came from New Zealand through its Canadian company and no Australian company was allowed to supply it. Apparently, it's a very complex process.

The cost of the first prescription: 200 $ for the initial consultation, 250 $ for government documentation, 125 $ for the text and 600 $ for the prescription. Total: 1175 $.

After getting the oil, 91's wife must now communicate regularly with the clinic's doctor so that he can report to Canberra on his state of health. It is mandatory if he wants to keep his prescription license.

Cannabis oil has changed the life of this woman. She now takes the bus, has friends and can get up from bed without pain. We do not get burned by using medical cannabis. And even so, if it relieves suffering without side effects.

This woman was lucky to be supported by her family, and this is unfortunately not the case for everyone, including the financial aspect.

It is not enough that medical cannabis is legalized. It is time to authorize its manufacture everywhere and to include it in the Australian health insurance scheme.

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