Seth Rogen organizes a Weed Carnival to help research against Alzheimer's disease


Actor Seth Rogen will host next month a carnival to fight Alzheimer's

The event, strictly reserved for adults, will see the presence of other actors who will animate stands. The proceeds from this festival organized by the association "Hilarity for Charity" will go to research on the fight against Alzheimer's disease, an issue that closely affects Rogen.

"For" Hilarity for Charity ", we like to fight Alzheimer's disease, but we also love rides, alcohol and weed! Said Rogen, who launched his own cannabis company in March, in a promotional video for the event to be held in Los Angeles. "We are trying to become better people so that if there is life after death, we will not go to hell. "

Comedians Adam Devine, Andrew Rannells, Ben Feldman, Casey Wilson, Ilana Glazer, Ike Barinholtz, Jeff Ross, Josh Gad, Kate Micucci, Nick Kroll, Regina Hall and Riki Lindhome participate in the event. Skateboarder Tony Hawk reportedly planned to perform tricks in a halfpipe. Rapper Anderson Paak will also give a concert.

Details about the place of cannabis in the program are not currently available on the event website. But Gad, one of the participating comedians, noted in a tweet that it was "the only fair I would be attending this year, other than my kids' book fair, which has a lot less weed."

Rogen's commitment to fighting Alzheimer's is not new. He became an activist in disease research after seeing his stepmother develop Alzheimer's at an early stage.

In 2014, the actor testified before a Senate committee on research in the field of Alzheimer's disease by joking about the fact that he was not there to discuss the subject on which he was expected: marijuana.

"I must first answer the question that many of you ask yourself, I guess. That's right, it has nothing to do with the legalization of marijuana, "he said. "In fact, if you can believe it, it concerns something that I find even more important. "

Although he did not mention it during his hearing before the commission, research has shown that cannabis can help eliminate a toxic protein associated with Alzheimer's disease. Last year, the federal government asked the public to submit additional scientific research on the potential therapeutic benefits of marijuana in the treatment of this disease.

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