CannTrust Suspends Sales and Shipments for Health Canada Investigation


StenoCare quarantines CannTrust unlicensed products

CannTrust, which describes itself as the "main" supplier of medical cannabis, has voluntarily halted all sales and shipments of this product after Health Canada discovered that it was growing cannabis in five unlicensed rooms and after the Ministry had received inaccurate information. On the other hand, the Danish company StenoCare announced Thursday that it would quarantine the oil lots of its partner CannTrust resulting from what the federal health regulator calls unlicensed facilities.

The company has also set up a special committee to investigate the matter. CannTrust is acting as a "precaution" as Health Canada investigates the company's facilities in Vaughan, Ontario, a company news release said Thursday.

"CannTrust is working closely with the regulator throughout the review process and is planning to provide additional details on the duration of the hold and other developments as they become available," adds the press release.

These changes come after the company announced that it had suspended more than 5000kg of dried cannabis that had been grown in unlicensed premises at a facility in Pelham, Ontario. between October 2018 and March 2019. Apparently, the company had requests for rooms waiting with Health Canada at the time.

CannTrust announced Monday it has suspended about 7500kg of dried cannabis equivalent at its Vaughan facility. This product was manufactured in unlicensed premises in Pelham, said CannTrust.

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The Ontario Cannabis Store said on Wednesday it was removing some of its products from online sales and shipping in traditional stores, following a Health Canada survey.

All customers who ordered a CannTrust product were eligible for a refund if the products were returned unopened within two weeks of delivery.

CannTrust serves more than 72000 medical patients with dried products, extracts and capsules. The company operates a harvest facility in Pelham and a manufacturing facility in Vaughan.

CannTrust products quarantined by a Danish company

Danish cannabis company StenoCare announced Thursday that it will quarantine more batches of cannabis oil

"The most likely consequence of this new situation is that there will be a temporary shortage of cannabis products for medical purposes on the Danish market," StenoCare said in a statement. communicated.

StenoCare shares, which were listed in Stockholm in October 2018, fell by 30% early in the session before recovering and falling back around 8%.

Denmark legalized the medical use of cannabis as an attempti and is also one of the few European countries to legalize local production. Recreational use is still forbidden, even though the Christiania district in Copenhagen is famous for its cannabis sales stands, which are rarely targeted by the authorities.

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StenoCare could not specify the amount of cannabis oil in question that reached consumers but stated that all products had been tested and met the required sanitary standards.

False walls at CannTrust to deceive Health Canada

according to TVA NouvellesThe Ontario cannabis producer laid false walls in one of its facilities to hide sections of plants that had not yet been approved by Health Canada, The Globe and Mail reported on Thursday.

CannTrust noted that the culture in unauthorized wards was waiting for a response to license applications filed with Health Canada. Permits were issued for each of the five rooms in April 2019.

CannTrust action plunges after announcing problems

CannTrust Holdings' stock fell on Monday as Health Canada determined that cannabis producer facilities in Pelham, Ontario, were not complying with certain regulations, which could lead to temporary product shortages.

The company said it took the case "very seriously". She refused, however, to say whether senior management was aware of this scheme ordered by a greenhouse manager. CannTrust officially launched the process of relocating "trust" in "CannTrust".

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