Argentina now has a chamber of commerce for producers


Argentine producers of medicinal and industrial cannabis can now promote their culture

The 28 June 2019, in a small meeting room of the city of Buenos Aires, The compliance of the sectoral chamber of cannabis in Argentina was formalized in order to meet the proposals and challenges of the medical and industrial sectors. The normalization of cannabis goes hand in hand with Argentinean leaders, but they continue to be profoundly ignorant about it.

The initiative, born of a group of professionals and businessmen linked to the cannabis industry, began to take shape at the end of May, when some actors began to talk about the possibility of institutionalize the sector to meet the challenges.

As almost always, the organization of civil society goes faster than official attempts. However, the portal BioEconomía informs that the Argentine producers of medicinal and industrial cannabis are in place, the objective is to institutionalize the sector to adapt it to the geographical and political profile of Argentina.

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From this small initial group and its contacts, a large interdisciplinary work team has been formed and will serve the industry for a variety of approaches: production, agronomy, medicine, government, technologies, biological inputs, lawyers and consulting specialists.

The center for production and research on medicinal cannabis that will be created in Jujuy could be the starting point for the development of a new group. Jujuy plans to produce cannabis oil from August and plant up to 500 hectares.

The objective of this new chamber, according to its participants, is to generate information and proposals for the development of an industry that is increasing day by day complexity and profitability; to bring ideas to the political and institutional communities of the country.

Among the participants: Ezequiel Vilches (lawyer) and Darío Ameri, directors of Acción Mediática; businessman Raúl Fosco and Dr. Eduardo Falcó, respectively president and director of Fildroy SA, specialized in the production of medicinal cannabis; Dr. Mariano Aldáz, lawyer specializing in public policy; businessman Ignacio Goyret, who develops technologies for cannabis crops; Dr. Jorge Alonso, doctor, professor at UBA and scientific adviser of the project on cannabis in the province of Misiones; Mariano Voltan.

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Other names were Accaunt Southern Cannabis Executive; businessman Nicolás Heller, director of business development for Latin America at Helix TCS, a company specializing in cannabis traceability; Agronomist Carlos Silvestre, from Brometran-Biobest, dedicated to bio-inputs for crops; Maximiliano Silgueira, Sales Director Southern Cannabis and María Laura Sandoval, Director of Cannabis Austral Sebastian Malamute, Argentine businessman of the cannabis industry in the US and in the investment sector; the project manager of the platform, Mr. Pablo Oconnor, Valentina Carricarte, specialist in biology of Gador SA

The idea is to be able to bring ideas to the authorities in order to "not lose the opportunity for economic growth of the Argentine society, that medical and industrial cannabis allows as a regulated industry.

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