Public consumption is now allowed in Colombia


Is full legalization the next step?

The Colombian Constitutional Court declared that the ban on the public use of cannabis no longer accords with the basic laws of the state and thus legalizes public use. According to one senator, the decision was based on "legislative technical errors".

It has been seven years since Colombia decriminalized the possession of small amounts of cannabis and other illicit drugs and about three years that the country of South America legalized medical cannabis. Although home-grown cultivation for personal use is permitted, recreational cannabis remains illegal to this day.

Last week, the Constitutional Court of Colombia changed its point of view and wants to create a "fair and reasonable regulatory regime".

The Colombian Constitutional Court has ruled that parts of President Iván Duque's 2017 Police Code, which prohibits the public use of cannabis in particular, are unconstitutional because they violate the basic rights of citizens instead of protecting the safety of the public and the public. children as he was supposed to do.

Gustavo Bolívar

"The Police Code entered into force in 2017 as a political attempt to limit and punish the use of cannabis after approval of medical use and many parts of its code are considered onerous and unjustified", said opposition Senator Gustavo Bolívar.

In the opinion of the court: A law can not create general restrictions on liberty; it must be specific as to time, place and circumstances and be subject to reasonableness and proportionality.

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This decision could be a springboard for full legalization, say some experts. According to local Colombian media, a multi-stakeholder group is preparing to total change in the war on drugs In the form of a large-scale bill on drug policy reform. Under the leadership of Senator Bolívar, the group plans to present the law in Congress at the end of July.

"We will formulate a new drug policy for our country; one based on evidence and numbers, one that will allow us to think of an effective strategy, because all the data we have examined show a significant failure in our war on drugs, "said Senator Bolívar, explaining the reason for the new initiative.

Over the last 15 years, Colombia has spent more than 140 million to fight traffickers. according to ForbesAs the market grows in this beautiful country, investors need to closely monitor legislative and legal developments. Opportunities abound.

Iván Duque

President Duque said that although he "accepts and respects" the court's decision, "individual freedom is not above drug use". He added that the police will continue to impose penalties and confiscate cannabis "even if the doses are considered legal for personal use".

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