Constant dose Syqe inhaler is ready for commercialization


The Teva Pharmaceutical Digital Inhaler will provide relief to people with asthma.

For medical cannabis users, the biggest problem is a constant dose, says Syqe Medical CEO. After eight years of development and 50 million dollars of investment, Syqe® announces the launch of its new inhaler.

What is the cannabis bronchodilator?

As part of a world first, Israeli companies Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. and Tel Aviv-based Syqe Medical announced the signing of a distribution and cooperation agreement to market medical cannabis in an inhaler. This is the first time a major global pharmaceutical company has agreed to market a medical cannabis product, according to Syqe.

Clinical test

The efficacy of medical cannabis treatment using Syqe Inhaler has been demonstrated in several clinical trials. The results of these studies indicate that Syqe provides measured, consistent, safe and effective doses for the treatment of chronic pain. It has also been found that the delivery of cannabis using the inhaler reduces the psychoactive effects by providing accurate and effective low doses of THC, measured in micrograms. In addition to its clinical benefits, the Syqe bronchodilator has proven to be convenient and beneficial for both patients and physicians, who can control treatment with unprecedented accuracy, enabling robust and continuous clinical follow-up.

Results of a pilot study: Treatment of cannabis in hospitalized patients using Syqe

The objectives were to evaluate the use, usability, feasibility, satisfaction, and safety of the Syqe Inhaler Exo, a pharmacokinetic-validated metered dose inhaler device, in a cohort of hospitalized patients using cannabis for medical purposes. Licensed Medical Devices as part of their ongoing medical treatment.

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The Syqe inhaler has been in use for more than a year at Haifa Rambam Hospital with the approval of the Israeli Ministry of Health. This makes it the first hospital in the world to prescribe cannabis as a standard medical treatment.

The cannabis from which the tablets are produced is imported from the Dutch company Bedrocan. Syqe cartridges are preloaded with raw cannabis, without additives or chemical manipulation. All-natural raw inflorescence only.

According to the company, 80% of cannabis patients consume their treatment with tobacco or by spraying, so far, there is no pharmaceutical standard for inhaled cannabis in the world. With the launch of this inhaler, it will now be possible to provide accurate, measurable and safe treatment.

The Syqe inhaler uses measured amounts of the molecules found in cannabis flowers, allowing for control and accuracy of treatment, as is possible in any other medical treatment.

The dosage used by the inhaler is consistent, accurate and adapted to the needs of each patient.

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To date, Syqe has raised 33 million, including 20 million from Philip Morris International.

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