Hip-Hop artist Ray J invests 5 million to launch its brand


RAY J: Who wants to smoke my J?!?

After attaining an impressive turnover of 10 million dollars in less than a year with his technology company Raycon Global Inc., singer Ray J. makes money moves, host and entrepreneur, he announced his latest adventure.

As reported TMZ : Ray J is launching his latest project, William Ray LAwhich will focus on the cannabis industry and will include a range of products. According to the publication, the company will specialize in growth, branding and marketing in addition to offering branded products.

The decision to expand its financial portfolio also included an investment of 5 million dollars. The company, which will be based in California, must coincide with the launch of its first product: a brand pre-rolled seal rightly dubbed "Ray Jay's".

according to HighTimes, the indica strains OG and sativa LP. Both strains will be available in varieties in glass jars and pre-roll. The marketing materials emphasize the "earthy, spicy and lemony aromas" of the Indica pre-rolls and the "uplifting, lemony, fruity" experience of sativa pre-rolls.

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While additional information remains speculative at this stage of the game, the new company will feature some of the industry's most renowned experts in growth and marketing. The company will also offer a variety of branding and marketing services to other cannabis companies looking to expand their network and customers.

"It's been a year since I worked on the deal !!" Ray J shared on Instagram, subtitling a video of himself on a plane about to take off. "Stay up for days at a time to get the job done! That's why I look tired all the time! But it's about to be finally official this week !! I just want to say thank you to my team from Kentucky, Arizona, California and Las Vegas! We worked hard to get there!

Managing Director David Weintraub shared with TMZ that the company's focus will be on non-traditional marketing strategies in media, music and entertainment, demonstrating how Ray J's multifaceted business experience will translate well on the cannabis market.

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William Ray LA will begin by offering pre-rolled joints bearing his name. Ray Jay's pre-rolls will come from Indica or Sativa varieties. In a video posted Monday, these plants were on display while Ray J said he was "honored and happy to be here" in the cannabis industry in California. At first glance, Ray plans to expand across the country.

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