Ben & Jerry's is planning a CBD ice cream


Ben & Jerry's Plans to Make Infused Ice Cream Upon FDA Approval

Pending approval from the FDA, Ben & Jerry's said Thursday that it intends to launch a new flavor of CBD-impregnated ice cream, joining other leading consumer brands wanting to add the compound derived from hemp to foods and beverages as soon as it becomes legal at the federal level.

For the moment, a regulation of the FDA prevents the addition of CBD to foods and beverages.

The ice cream maker in Burlington, Vermont, said it had submitted a comment in favor of legalization to the US Food and Drug Administration, ahead of the federal government's first public hearing on regulation Friday. CBD-infused food products with industry leaders.

"We do it for our fans," said Matthew McCarthy, CEO of Ben & Jerry, in a statement.

The Congress legalized the production of hemp in December 2018 in the 2018 agricultural law, authorizing the sale of products topical impregnated with CBD like creams and ointments. However, the FDA has banned the sale of CBD in food and beverages without its approval and the agency banned CBD in food supplements.

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This has not prevented cities and states from adopting their own conflicting regulations on CBD-infused foods and beverages.

Colorado passed a law last year authorizing CBD in food and beverage, opening the door to the food chain.quick fixture Carl's Jr. in April to test a cheeseburger infused with CBD.

Meanwhile, Ohio, North Carolina and New York City have all banned the hemp-derived compound in food, cracking down on restaurants that serve hemp dishes.

Oreo-Mondelez CEO Dirk Van de Put told CNBC earlier this month that the company plans to add CBD products to its lineup.

Mondelez, the company that makes Oreo cookies, would consider adding the CBD cannabis compound to some of its biscuits and snacks.

"Yes, we are getting ready, but we obviously want to stay within the limits of legality and play the right way," said Dirk Van de Put, director general of the
chain at CNBC

The ice cream maker has announced the new variety on Instagram.

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Companies looking for clarity on FDA regulations hope to enter the cannabidiol market which is expected to reach 2,1 billion from here 2020. Manufacturers have asked the FDA to intervene and find a way to legally regulate the ingredient in foods.

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