Should New Zealand legalize cannabis by 2020?


The legalization project is a good start and a reform opportunity since 40

This is not new, New Zealanders should organize a reférendum without precedent on cannabis by the end of next year. A referendum on recreational legalization during the 2020 elections. This bill would allow people over 20 years to benefit from the flower. The biggest reform opportunity since 40 years that would open doors to the country and could generate billions of dollars a year if recreational cannabis is legalized.

Looking for an expert

The NZ government search an expert in cannabis for the referendum: a candidate for the post of politician responsible for the referendum on cannabis. The advertised salary is 137479 $ - 194088 $ per year and applications end this Wednesday. The Minister of Justice, Andrew Little, revealed this month that voters will receive a draft bill that will include a minimum age of 20 years to consume and purchase recreational cannabis legally.

"If you have proven yourself as a manager, leader and coach, we want to know more," says the job description. You will have experience in coaching and developing teams and in supporting individuals to grow and prosper. "

The first cannabis IPO was launched this week

The first public offer The country's initial medicinal cannabis (IPO) was launched yesterday, offering kiwi investors the opportunity to buy shares of the Cannasouth research and development company prior to the 2020 referendum. Ten million shares of a medicinal cannabis company went on sale on Monday. Cannasouth aims to be the first company of its kind to feature on the NZX.

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The difference between Canada and New Zealand

Ross Bell, Executive Director of the NZ Drug Foundation said to Newshub magazine that the government could learn a lot about Canada and how it legalized cannabis for recreational purposes, as it was the first developed Western country to do so across the country, unlike in the United States , which only legalized it in certain states. The difference between Canada and New Zealand is that, in the first case, the vote was never public. The Liberal government of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau introduced the bill in 2017 and the Canadian Senate had the last word.

How many Kiwis want access to the plant?

According to one survey: one-third of Kiwis said they could try to access cannabis-based medicinal products when they become more widely and legally available next year. Helius Therapeutics has conducted the survey with help from Horizon Research.

1156 people, including 14% said they absolutely want to access the products. 10% stated that they would probably do the same, or were likely to do so. More than half of the participants indicated that they would not search for cannabis-based medical products, of which 23% said they were not likely to do so and 22% said they would not do so. not. 12% were not sure.

The results have helped Helius Therapeutics, New Zealand's largest licensed medical cannabis company, understand the size of the potential market, said its executive director, Paul Manning.

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The government wants to reduce the cannabis market by legalization but not to cultivate it

Economics Institute chief economist Peter Wilson said the government's policy was to reduce cannabis use and any future market would likely be small and highly controlled. On the other hand, the parallel market for medical purposes is expected to grow steadily.

Temporary balance

If New Zealand voted in favor of the legalization and regulation of recreational cannabis, it would comply with the policy measures of countries such as Canada and Uruguay.

The advantage of not being one of the first nations to end the ban is that New Zealand can learn from Canada's and Uruguay's policy mistakes in cannabis. In addition, New Zealanders will not have to wait too long to see cannabis reform if the referendum is adopted.

"Subject to Cabinet decisions, any legislation to be passed before the referendum, which includes provisions on the overall cannabis system, including the cultivation, sale, supply and use of cannabis for recreational purposes in New Brunswick. Zealand, would preferably be adopted in December 2019, with March 2020 as the absolute deadline to hold the referendum in the 2020 general elections, "wrote Little.

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