The American Riding Federation penalizes the CBD


USEF Announces Positive CBD Cannabinoid Assays Will Violate From 1er September 2019

During the last years, CBD oils for horses have attracted more and more attention and have become almost common in equestrian sport. Today, thousands of pet owners around the world use CBD products on their dogs, their cats and their horses.

In an effort to protect the well-being of equestrian athletes and balance the competition, the US Equestrian Federation's (USF) Equine Drug Program constantly monitors new products and especially market claims. supplements for horses claiming to improve the performance of a horse. With respect to human use, all athletes are subject to controls under the World Anti-Doping Code.

USEF rules on horse medications prohibit cannabidiole (CBD) and their metabolites. According to his statements, CBD, in natural or synthetic form, is likely to affect the performance of a horse because of its anxiolytic effects. This substance is no different from the legitimate therapeutic products that affect the mentality and behavior of horses. It is for these reasons that USEF prohibits CBD and all related cannabinoids. Horses competing according to USEF rules that achieve a positive result for natural cannabinoids, synthetic cannabinoids and other cannabimimetics will be considered a violation of the GR4 code as of 1 September 2019.

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What symptoms could cannabidiol help in horses?

  • Arthritis: Horses are naturally active animals. As you get older, it is very common for horses to have a degeneration of their joints, especially the ball and knees.
  • Gastric ulcers: Gastric ulcers are very painful and can affect the appetite, appearance and nature of a horse.
  • Desmitis: This condition is characterized by inflammation of a ligament, usually the suspensor, and collateral ligaments in the legs and the coffin joint. The most common symptom of desmitis is lameness.
  • Colic: Colic is a condition that causes intense pain in the abdomen.
  • Laminitis: Laminitis is characterized by chronic inflammation of the blades, a small soft tissue structure present in the hoof that causes severe pain.
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