Las Vegas is about to become the new Amsterdam


One of the few American jurisdictions will offer visitors a place where they can consume and buy legally

More than two years after the Nevada has legalized For recreational purposes, Las Vegas will soon open coffee shops.

Across this sparkling city, shops sell weed but nowhere to smoke. The lack of places where visitors can legally consume is particularly lacking in Las Vegas, which attracts 43 million tourists a year and is home to the largest cannabis empire in the world.

This month, the Las Vegas City Council has decided to license "Social Places", which will have to be physically separate from the shops and can not sell alcohol. For the first year, licenses will be limited to companies that are already allowed to legally sell. Councilor Bob Coffin, project sponsor, said he expected these companies to open lounges adjacent to their retail outlets.

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Each license will cost 5000 $ per year and shows must be located
at least 300 meters from schools and casinos. Admission will be limited to adults aged 21 or older and clients will not be allowed to consume products outside or in the public view.

"We are the new Amsterdam," Tick Segerblom was delighted

Clark County Commissioner and former state legislator, Tick Segerblom invests its money in the development of Las Vegas, which will become the next holy land of cannabis tourism. He already has a strain in his name "Segerblom Haze".

This should be a concern for gaming companies, Segerblom told the information network USA TODAY. The gaming industry is wondering and worried about whether Las Vegas will become the next Amsterdam?

They are concerned that coffee shops earn money outside hotels. They worry that it will not last anymore. As a businessman, I would also be worried, he says.

Le Nevada Gaming Control Board warned that cannabis-friendly casinos could lose their licenses. Today, the prospect of a better experience than Amsterdam for tourists threatens to move business away from holiday villages and nightclubs that are not allowed to accommodate weed consumers.

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A legal path to these dispensaries marks a victory for investors who are now ready to capitalize on a unique brand of cannabis tourism. Place to change.

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