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New study reveals that moms have been discriminated against in the use of cannabis

Just before Mother's Day Miss Grass, an American women's magazine, conducted the survey on women and cannabis, 700 women were questioned to determine how they consume cannabis in 2019.

Among the results: Near 70% were victims of discrimination for having used cannabis, while a growing percentage says that grass has replaced alcohol for them, at least most of the time. In addition, half admit to having hidden their use to their professional colleagues, but very few do so with their partners.

Below are some of the key points that should disadvantage common perceptions about mothers and their relationship to cannabis.

How moms consume in 2019?

  • 68% of mothers claim to have been victims of discrimination for having used cannabis. Yes, even during this period when the majority of Americans are in favor of legalization, according to a recent poll, cannabis smokers are still poorly seen by many. One participant in the survey said, "If a parent, especially a mother, admits to having smoked cannabis, she could be suspected of sexual abuse by her neighbors. It's a shame, stigma and judgment that people carry. "
  • 64% used regularly cannabis before being mothers: 27% consumed it from time to time, 9% after having children. Becoming a mother can be stressful. "A happy mother is a happy baby! testifies a participant. Sometimes I need some tufts on my joint to feel myself again. I think it's safer than being stressed and sad. "
  • The flower is the most popular form of cannabis use among mothers, with 82% of them saying they prefer this method. Soft drinks (71%) and edible foods (64%) are also very present. At the bottom of the scale are the sublinguals, which are at an average rate of 37%.
  • 21% say that the herb has completely replaced alcohol for them, while 38% admit to prefer cannabis to alcohol, at least from time to time. It is interesting to note that this result seems to be consistent with a finding of the best cannabis analyst, Vivien Azer, who, in her 2019 outlook for the legal industry, said that 2018 was the worst year for beer sales thanks to the increase in cannabis use.

Women who consume during pregnancy

  • During their pregnancy, most mothers (81%) said they had reduced their nausea, 76% said they had less stress, 67% said they had slept better and 62% had suffered less. Only 4% said they had negative side effects.

Moms hiding their cannabis use

  • More than half (51%) said they hid their cannabis use from their business contacts, 42% hid it from their children, 36% hid it from their parents or family, 27% did not hide it from anyone and 20% to their friends. There is transparency among those who have relationships, because only 2% of them hide it from their partners.

Of course, this survey should not be interpreted as an incentive to use cannabis during pregnancy, nor as an alternative to medical advice.

source: FORBES

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