The island of Guam allows recreation


Up to 28 grams and 6 seedlings for personal use

New tropical destination for cannabis users. Guam, a tropical island in the United States, has approved the regulation of a legal cannabis market for recreational purposes.

Guam is the 13th US territory to liberalize the plant and the third to make a decision without a referendum.

Once the legalization of cannabis has been approved in the Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, the largest and most southern in the Mariana Islands, does so too.

Lou Leon Guerrero

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero signed last Thursday the bill of legalization, a week after its adoption by a narrow majority of eight votes against seven. This law will allow people aged 21 years and older to own up to 28 grams and to grow up to six plants.

"We need to regulate the most common" illegal "plant in society," said the governor. "We need to control, monitor its use and its consequences, take advantage of its medical benefits and allow our residents to live in a safer environment," she added.

People will not be able to buy legally until regulations are developed by the new Cannabis Control Board and approved by the Legislature.

Guam's economy relies heavily on the tourism industry with its heavenly beaches and underwater world that attracts divers from around the world. Guam has approved medical cannabis in 2014.

The board has up to a year to establish rules and oversee the law on testing, manufacturing, licensing and packaging of cannabis.

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