Croatian Parliament approves hemp cultivation for medical purposes


Culture and production will be exclusively handled by pharmaceutical companies

By accepting Ivana Ćelić's amendment to the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) on Friday, the parliament authorizes the cultivation and production of hemp for medical purposes.

For the first time in Croatia, citizens will be allowed to cultivate and produce hemp for medical purposes. The law is amended so that "hemp can be grown and produced" while the Minister of Health authorizes the adoption of an order canceling their prohibition while allowing legal persons to produce hemp for medical purposes .

In other words, the cultivation and production of medical cannabis will be exclusively handled by already authorized pharmaceutical companies and urban pharmacies, such as Teva, Adriatic-Galenic, PharmaSa, Belupa, City Pharmacy Zagreb and Immunological Institute.

The amendments to the law on the repression of drug abuse, adopted Friday by the Croatian Parliament, define the concept of new psychoactive substances, while the Minister of Health authorizes the adoption of a decree prohibiting their prohibition while authorizing legal persons to produce hemp for medical purposes

Regulation definition

Defining the term "new psychoactive substances" is needed because of the emergence and rapid growth of new psychoactive substances in the EU and Croatia that are not subject to legal control and pose a threat to public health .

The regulation should first be drafted to avoid illegal actions. It is necessary to create conditions that allow the production of medical cannabis to operate under certain conditions of safety. A number of countries are failing to create safe conditions for the production of cannabis for medical purposes and then for redirecting it for illegal purposes. You must see how many of them will be produced and to which patients. Preparations should also be made to align with the generally acceptable standards set out in certain United Nations conventions on the production or use of cannabis for medical purposes. declared Željko PetkovićDeputy Director of the Croatian Institute of Public Health

Farmers and entrepreneurs ready to
grown hemp

In Croatia, the use of cannabis for medical purposes is permitted for more than four years. After many studies, the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers have decided that it is time to authorize cultivation and production in Croatia.

Dr. Ognjen Brborovic , the former president of the Commission, who, on the basis of a comprehensive study and recommending the use of cannabis for medical purposes in 2015, welcomes the decision of the government but warns of problems.

The former chairman of the Medical Cannabis Commission said it will take two years to adopt various regulations and other procedures before patients can get the drug that has been
grown and produced in Croatia. One thing is crucial for him:

"If the price of medicinal cannabis produced in Croatia is neither low nor acceptable, then we have not done much and it is only a simple solution because the aim is to put price of cannabis at the provision of all patients, all who need it. "

"We must not forget that pharmaceutical companies need both producers and processors. Thus, the farmer can be any association, whether in need, such as multiple sclerosis or veterans' associations or for work therapy ", says Gordan Masnjak , president of the project
"Green Sun", engaged since 2011.

All details regarding the production of medical cannabis should be discovered within the next six months. But is this just a first step towards full legalization?

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