The government of Ireland has finally found a supplier of medicinal cannabis


After long delays, the Irish government finally found a supplier of medical cannabis

The Ministry of Health confirmed that a license for the importation of "specific products containing cannabis" has been granted.

The license was granted to a commercial enterprise in January 2019.

Simon harris

It is understood that Minister of Health Simon Harris will submit proposals for the cannabis access program to his office next month.

It has been more than two years since the Minister announced the establishment of an access program to medicinal cannabis, but no program has been put in place.

The delay was attributed to the fact that the government had a hard time finding a supplier of quality cannabis and a supplier capable of exporting its products to Ireland.

It is understood that the medicinal product of cannabis for Irish import has been imported into Denmark. Last year, a team of officials visited the country to assess the operation of foreign access programs.

The department also confirmed that officials are actively working to finalize the legislation needed to support the cannabis access program.

It is believed that the bill could be ready by mid-April.

In a statement, the Ministry of Health said it "is currently looking for solutions to provide appropriate products to Irish patients". Officials have been in regular contact with our counterparts in Denmark, the United Kingdom, Canada and elsewhere. "

The Access Program aims to provide access to cannabis-based therapies for the treatment of multiple sclerosis patients, nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy, and persons with severe, refractory epilepsy. and resistant to treatment.

The implementation of the plan follows the recommendations of the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA).

As a result of this report, Ministry of Health officials said they had worked intensively on the issue to ensure a supply of appropriate medical cannabis products from other EU Member States and from other countries to meet the needs of Irish patients.

Until the importation of medicinal cannabis is authorized in Ireland and until the access program is in place, Irish doctors operate under the current procedure of ministerial licensing, which allows them to prescribe medical cannabis to their patients.

Since the end of last year, licenses have been granted for twelve patients, the majority of whom obtain their medical cannabis from a Dutch medical prescription pharmacy.

As the delays grew, questions arose for the government.

Micheál Martin, head of Fianna Fáil, told Dáil last year that his party had been "extremely patient" about the delays, saying patients, such as Vera Twomey, must travel to Europe every three months to obtain medical cannabis that has been identified by their specialists and doctors.

Vera Twomey, a medicinal cannabis activist, received a license to treat her sick daughter Ava Barry and said the eight-year-old girl no longer needed synthetic drugs.

On the networksMs. Twomey says that the child is only treated with medicinal cannabis CBD and THC.


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