Charlie Sheen announces his new line of THC "Sheenius" vaporizers.

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Sheen is sober for over a year,
it's a good time to release his own line of cannabis sprays called SHEENIUS

With eccentric flavor names like MaliBlu Dream, Mace Clown et Grandma's Perfume, Milli's Vanilli, Juggalo-Evoking. Some inspired by his famous slogans.

Sheen decided to launch her range of vapos after getting tired of seeing strains and unauthorized products bearing her name. "It's smuggling, I'm" hacked "and I never got a penny. It did not seem right, he said.

The timing is good: Sheen is sober for over a year

"I'm very excited about being sober these days and making it public. But by the way, here is my weed business and yet I have not smoked grass since 10 years ago. It's not my thing."

But Sheen says he still believes in the project, even if it no longer fits his current lifestyle.

"Many people claim to be sober and still smoke grass and I am not one of them," he says. "We developed this business plan a few years ago when I was still on. And then, when I stopped, the idea was still good enough to continue. "

Sheenius should be launched the April 2 in six flavors. Prices will vary from 60 $ to 70 $.

The star of 53 years has also revealed that he had been sober for a year after an infamous addiction crisis and had dropped alcohol, drugs and pornstars for exercise, healthy eating, and going to bed at 21 hours in a miraculous recovery .

He celebrates the irony of launching a grass business, although he claims to have not smoked cannabis since 10 years ago, saying "it's just not my thing".

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