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The world's first commercial solar cannabis project


Canndescent completes first commercial scale solar installation

The company is creating a more sustainable growth model that it calls greendoor ™, combining renewable solar energy with the hydric efficiency of indoor growing.

Establishing itself as a pioneer in the industry, Canndescent ™ completed the first commercial scale solar project for the cannabis industry, fueling its domestic production facility in Desert Hot Springs, CA.

How does it work ?

The 282,6 kilowatt system, which produces on-site renewable energy, uses 734 solar modules on seven different carport structures to power the company's historic cannabis production facility, which has also attracted more energy. attention in 2016 as the first transaction authorized by the California Municipality. This state-of-the-art clean energy system annually offsets as much carbon as an 175 hectares forest and reduces annual atmospheric carbon emissions by 365 metric tonnes (based on NREL and fromEPA).

As the first cannabis company to power a large-scale indoor project with solar renewable energy, Canndescent provides a critical model for sustainability in an industry where outdoor growers tax water resources and where indoor growers and light consume approximately 1% of the electricity produced in the United States. The project is currently generating enough energy to charge about 20% of US smartphones for a day and highlights a potential pathway to separate agriculture from its many negative environmental impacts. Growing indoors using solar energy, the project combines crop yields and water efficiency associated with hydroponics and the energy efficiency of other forms of cultivation.

Greendoor ™

Historically, the industry chosen between indoor, outdoor or greenhouse. With this unique solar project, the company creates a fourth choice, the Greendoor™, which combines water efficiency, energy efficiency and pesticide-free cultivation in an indoor format.

In addition to crossing the traditional barriers of culture, the installation of cannabis fueled by solar energy is presented as an iconoclast of politics. It harmonises the progressive themes of alternative energy and alternative medicine with the conservative theme of private enterprise, creating a social impact in a zone of opportunity. The company has invested 3,75 million dollars to renovate its 1000 m2 warehouse for cannabis and solar production and produces about 4.5 tons of cannabis shop in a city where 34% of the population lives below the poverty line . Scott Matas, Mayor of Desert Hot Springs, said, "Since its inception, Canndescent has helped our community contribute 500 000 $ in local cannabis taxes and create 150 jobs. Adding renewable energy to what was the first culture project to open up in the Coachella Valley, Canndescent continues to inform the way forward for others. "

Canndescent CEO, Adrian Sedlin

We commissioned the solar project because the modern consumer deserves and demands that we create exceptional products using exceptional practices. As a mature industry right now, it is natural and appropriate that the cannabis industry and Canndescent be leaders in the business world to address some of the world's most pressing challenges.

Already beyond the requirement of the California Energy Commission for new non-residential buildings to have a solar roof by 2023, Canndescent built the project in 8 weeks after a two-year struggle to gain approval and the financing of the project. Tom DiGiovanni, Canndescent's Chief Compliance Officer, said: "Given the restrictions on cannabis banks and lending, the complexity of energy projects and civil construction in California in general, it has been extremely difficult to achieve. Nevertheless, we did it and we established a model for the green industry to become greener. "

To accelerate adoption of solar energy and Greendoor's practices, Canndescent will release a white paper sharing his solar project plans as an open source. The company has also released a video of the project and has scheduled a site visit on Monday 18 March 2019.

About Canndescent

Canndescent allows adults to transform their lives with ultra-premium cannabis products. In 2015, Canndescent became the first cannabis grower in the world to abandon traditional variety names and sell its flowers under the names Calm, Cruise, Create, Connect and Charge. In 2016, the company opened the first municipally authorized facility in California, in 2017, Canndescent became the best-selling brand of flowers in California and, in 2018, the company became the first brand of floral products in luxury of the state. Consumers can buy products Canndescent in leading dispensaries and delivery services in California.

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