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THC CRYSTAL: The purest on the planet


The future in a pure, powerful and crystallized format.

In recent years, growers have pushed concentrates well beyond their potential. So much so that extractions could to go beyond the market of flowering from here 2020. We all know the recipe of Space-cake we have already seen the Moonrock and the Sunrock, the preparations of butters Marrakech , the crystal spheres called Dragon Balls, there is no shortage of artists' associations extraction.

The sky is the limit and when it comes to concentrates. Pure THC crystals are the newest and most exciting trend in extraction technology. With a power of 99,9%, it's not hard to understand why ...

THC crystals, more specifically known as crystalline THCA, are not a product for everyone but for people capable of handling a powerful experience. If a simple taff on a joint makes you leave, you might be better off from this one.

But, if that's exactly what you're looking for, let's dig deep into the details to discover the pure THC crystals, how they are made and what euphoria looks like. Hold on, it's going to be very powerful.

What are THC crystals?

Before a farmer harvests or heals his crop, the plants contain a set of cannabinoids slightly different from what you would expect. Consumers like us are used to THC and CBD, but fresh grass contains acid-terminated cannabinoids. These are the precursors of CBD and THC. Instead of THC, the fresh bud contains someTetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA), and instead of the CBD, thecannabidiolic acid (CBDA). These two cannabinoids also have many medical benefits, but their properties are less well understood than those of THC and CBD. They are activated in one step called decarboxylation.

Thanks to an advanced extraction process, producers can now extract THCA, which crystallizes afterwards. Hence the name crystal crystal, or crystal THC.

But we hear you already murmuring in confusion. "You just said that THCA is different from THC, but are you talking about THC crystals?"

Technically, the product you will find in your favorite pharmacy is the crystalline THCA. It is a clear to white rock, crystallized or powdered. It tends to look like some more illegal drugs (cocaine, crack) and is therefore poorly packaged. But, it's the purest cannabinoid product you can get.

The crystalline THCA remains in unstable form until the user applies it to a strong heat. The incineration, induction or convention of THCA transforms the molecule and eliminates the "A". This is the same process that occurs called decarboxylation. When the flower meets the flame, the THCA turns into THC. This transformation is the reason why some companies call their THC Crystal products. When you smoke it, you are in fact a consumer of THC, not of THCA.

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It is interesting to note that before turning on and heating the pure THCA crystals, they are not psychoactive. Although there are more than a hundred cannabinoids known to date, only the THC triggers a psychoactive experience.

What are the medical uses of THC crystals?

Because of their sometimes extreme potency, THC crystals are medically useful in many ways. It's like a supercharged THC tube. Some companies have reached up to 99,9% THCA, although most products on the market are around 80% power. The extraction process eliminates most, if not all, of the other cannabinoids and terpenes. The product is generally tasteless and aroma-free.

When you smoke crystalline THCA, the high comes almost immediately. Unlike edible foods, you will not have to wait for hours to feel the effects. This immediacy is perfect for the treatment of acute problems, such as sudden pain, inflammation and headaches. Pure THC is an excellent tool for treating pain, chronic diseases and certain mood disorders.

What is perhaps more exciting than the smoke, abraded or THC crystal capsule version is the benefits of oral ingestion. Since crystalline THCA is a crystal, it dissolves easily in food. You can take it as a dye or capsule. So far, very few studies have focused specifically on the benefits of THCA. However, preliminary research suggests the following medical possibilities:

  • I
  • Pain
  • Anxiety
  • spasticity
  • neuroprotection

With more research, there could be a huge potential for THCA as a therapeutic agent. Since it is difficult to find (and use) in other types of products, the pure concentration found in THC crystals can make it a desirable medicinal compound.

How is crystalline THC extracted?

According to most cannabis experts, the detailed process of producing a crystalline concentrate of pure THC is a well-kept secret. Few companies do it, and they do not want to reveal their trade secrets. But with this caveat, we know some things about how it's made, even though we do not know the most delicate details.

The first step is the initial extraction. This is done using what we can assume to be standard extraction procedures that protect the sensitive THCA molecule. Most producers will use a tlow temperature technology, maybe the CO2, to do that.

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Once the first extract is obtained, it still contains a number of other compounds. Fats, cannabinoids, terpenes, etc. These are removed by a series of different washes, using specific solutions depending on the compound. For example, the process may include a wash at acetate and a hexane wash.

A second step called "preparative chromatography"Is then performed. Which essentially passes the clarified extract through different media, filters, to remove other compounds. The details are unclear here, but the preparative chromatography process rinses the extract at varying rates, through varying media until the desired concentration is reached.

After so much treatment, the solution still contains some persistent contaminants. This last stage of the treatment is necessary to "clean" the solution. This eliminates all chemicals that are unfit for human consumption. Once finished, you have almost 100% pure THC crystal in your hands.

What is the feeling of High felt?

Pure THC crystal, when smoked, rubbed, vaporized or otherwise heated, can provide an intense experience. If you are not very leaning towards powerful strains or dabs, you may want to go slowly. Too much THC leads to what some people call the
"Greening" (nausea and dizziness). This experience, while not dangerous, is certainly not fun. The high must be an experience because it's an extremely powerful high, like you've never had before.

The standard descriptions that people use when talking about a pure high THC crystal is that it is bright, fresh and energetic. There are no disturbances caused by other cannabinoids, such as CBD or CBG. No influence of the effects of terpenes. Without flavor or aroma. Pure happiness, and a truly spectacular experience.

Of course, if you do not smoke, but you ingest it orally without heat, there will be no high at all. Remember that THCA compared to THC is a very different experience. THCA, as a non-psychoactive substance, will have no effect unless, of course, it counts the potential medicinal benefits.

If you are a cannabis lover but you have not tried pure THC crystals yet, it's worth going to the states. Given the demands of advanced technology necessary for its production, it is offered at a higher price. But the investment is probably worth it. Look for lab-tested brands to avoid contamination. In most places today, stringent testing requirements will eliminate all problematic products.

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