Netanyahu may be considering legalization in Israel


The question of legalization is currently at the center of the public agenda in Israel.

For the 2019 elections, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
in a statement, hints that he will soon be ready to approve the legalization of cannabis in Israel. The comments were formulated in response to a question asked by a user in an interview he gave last night to Likud-TV.

One day after a top "Blue White" party official expressed opposition to the initiative, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that he was considering legalizing cannabis in Israel.

"I made some changes in this area," Netanyahu said in an interview with Likud TV (Binyamin Netanyahu's political party). "First, I increased the use of medical cannabis," he said.

"Second," continued the prime minister, "there is a global market." So I allowed producers to grow it and turn it into a major export sector, which is injecting money into the country. "

"I am now examining the question of legalization, it will be examined and could come soon," he said.

In the end, Netanyahu also touched on the issue of legalization, stating that the issue was under review and implying that it could happen soon.

Since the Israeli activist party "green leaf" has abandoned the race for legalization and decides not to run for the next elections, some political parties are trying to take a stand.

In recent days, their positions on the issue have also changed in the new Right, some of them have even expressed their full support for legalization.

By the time of the elections, the April 9, most parties in Israel should adopt the approach in one way or another, with the exception of a small number of parties that still oppose the cannabis movement.

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