Grass sales in Quebec: a look at the SQDC


In order to explain to the French the effects of recreational legalization in Canada, here is a close up of the Quebec Cannabis Society.

The new dealer Quebec ?

In anticipation of the legalization in Canada, which took effect last October 17, the Society of Alcohols in Quebec (SAQ) has created a subsidiary: The Quebec Society of Cannabis (SQDC) whose purpose is to sell cannabis on the territory of Quebec.

How does it work ?

Grass retailers in Quebec have difficulty doing only with their own supplies. In addition, with the arrival of 12
branches of the SQDC.

"Selling a product in a network of stores, be it alcohol or drugs, has its similarities, especially in terms of logistics," said Jean-François Bergeron, vice president of information and marketing. technology at the SAQ

The mission of the SQDC is to ensure retail sales from a health protection perspective, in order to integrate consumers into the legal cannabis market and to maintain them there, without promoting their consumption.

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The SQDC soon number 1 legal sales in Quebec

The SQDC took over 35% of the country's sales. Indeed, in just a few days after the opening of the first dispensary in Quebec, the stores had no more grass. As a matter of urgency, the SQDC has decided to open its dispensaries only four days a week for the moment.

"We bet on the six biggest producers, we made them a place of choice. When they have to choose where they sell their inventories, possibly they consider Quebec as an important partner. "Says Jean-François Bergeron

Up to 30 000 packages delivered at home per week by the future SQDC

It is a growing market that is growing at about 5% per month, with no less than 300 000 Canadian consumers, which inevitably causes supply problems. However, the SQDC recently launched a new call for proposals to find new suppliers.

"Supply remains a challenge", "We can only open seven days a week if our reserves allow it. For the moment, it's impossible, "admits Fabrice Giguère, spokesperson for the SQDC.

Canada's largest producers significantly increase their production and shipments to Quebec. Between October and December of last year, canopy growth increased 66% of the amount of cannabis sent to Quebec.

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A market that seems to have a green horizon ...

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