Weedcraft: A new video game for budding gamers


Weedcraft Inc. deals with the culture, legalization and hypocrisy of the government.

Go to the rescue of the incorruptible stoners with the first management game entirely dedicated to the universe of weed. Weedcraft Inc simulates a commercial enterprise within the limits of the real with its illegal side. Grow in your basement, sell on the street, expand your client base, improve your farm, become ruled, deal with uncertain and changing laws, lobby politicians, grease your feet and do everything you have to to turn your dreams into reality.

Devolver Digital announced today that the game will be released in April, and has filed a new trailer showing gameplay clips from some of his multiple scenarios. The development of Vile Monarch has described two of these scenarios in today's announcement, one simple enough: develop and manage all aspects of your business, from growth to sales, from marketing to political maneuvering and marketing. other more focused on the real political consequences of legalization. Like many other management games, Weedcraft Inc asks you to juggle various requests, only this time, instead of running a hotel or restaurant, you sell grass in a country where the grass is still illegal and thus face legal problems that beset your entrepreneurial aspirations.

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This new playful adventure explores the production, harvest and sale of cannabis in the United States in the face of the political, cultural and financial stakes of a country whose relationship to the pretty green plant is complex and paradoxical.

In order not to see his little empire go up in smoke, the good entrepreneurs will have to prioritize the resources carefully to ensure a solid and constant production and distribution of these subtly spiced sweets. Cultivate the best plants, do ingenious hybridizations to create new varieties, recruit and manage a growing workforce, face the competition: as in real life, the business of hashish represents a huge challenge as well as a great opportunity. Between creeping capitalism and narrow manners, the police and the political sphere will each have their say as your empire of splif grows, so beware; the grass must not be greener elsewhere.

Shown with insight and detail, this hot topic finds an echo in Weedcraft Inc. As his empire grows, the passionate of sodium lamps will have to work with or against different characters with a unique character, that he chooses to spawn with them. big fish of the political world, to bribe the forces of the order or to fight for the right to therapeutic cannabis, even to try to make evolve the laws. Nothing is impossible in the name of botany, and especially immeasurable profits that are announced!

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