Seniors increase the rate of consumption


In the United States in 2018, US consumers ordered all 8 seconds of cannabis

According to the delivery company Eaze, "Consumers ordered all 8 seconds in 2018. "This information is in a company report that also tells us that many of these consumers were baby boomers: people born around the world between 1946 and 1964. There are about 76 million baby-boomers in the United States, about 29% of the population.

Le Eaze report states that "the new consumers cannabis have augmenté de 140% thanks to the legalization of consumption by adults. Although the average age of consumers is 31, baby boomers have been one of the fastest growing segments, growing by 25% over the past year. " Seniors are also the largest users of cannabis. On average, they spend 53% more than Generation Z consumers. Veterans represent 3% and people with disabilities, 11%.

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Women have also progressed in this market. The number of cannabis users in 2018 has almost doubled compared to 2017, which represents 3% growth in market share for the third year in a row. Women now account for 38% of consumers. Eaze predicts "an equal gender representation among cannabis users by 2022."

The question of the black market still unresolved ...

The report does not mention whether the increase in consumption patterns represents a transition from the illegal market to the legal market or if it results solely from legal access: something that would be good to know from a specific political point of view the magazine Forbes.

However, the legal market for cannabidiol (CBD) is certainly on the rise: from 2,6% of consumers in 2017 to 4,8% in 2018. With 8,4% of cannabis users, baby boomers are leading the pack of CBD consumers.

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