In Morocco near 50.000 hectares is dedicated to culture


Morocco first producer in Europe

The cannabis area cultivated in Morocco has stabilized during the last 10, with an area between 47 000 and 50 000 hectares.

This is also 47 000 ha for only 1 147 ha destroyed (2,4%), according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in his new report. With this zone, the Kingdom would reach an external production estimated at 38 000 tonnes (T), while internal production is 760 tonnes (T). Morocco thus maintains its position as the world's leading producer of cannabis resin. Other countries also stand out in this area, such as Moldova, where production reaches 10.000 T, Paraguay (8.349 T) or Mexico (8.334 T).

This result is the result of significant eradication efforts over the past decade, according to EFE, from 134 000 hectares recorded in 2003 to 47 000 hectares two years later, when the UN and the Moroccan government jointly carried out a detailed study of the cultivated area.

Last year, the cultivated areas provided 713 tons of hashish, of which 117 tons were seized by law enforcement agencies, according to sources at the session of the National Commission on Narcotic Drugs (Spain). These same sources report the difficulties of the Moroccan authorities to completely eradicate this crop and, above all, to find alternative crops for farmers.

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From a purely police point of view, they underlined the difficulties of Morocco to control the 3 500 miles 24 ribs on 24, which is all the more illusory as the demand of Europe increases regularly.

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EFE recalls that cannabis cultivation is mainly concentrated in and around the Rif Mountains and is making live 90 000 families, but that the main beneficiaries are the drug traffickers in Europe.

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