The City of West Hollywood Approves Cannabic Foodservices


Restaurant chefs will be able to serve cannabis-infused food throughout the city of West Hollywood.

A new regulation authorizes the provision of restaurants, cafes and cannabis salons in West Hollywood in Los Angeles.

West Hollywood, the future restaurant place infused with cannabis

The City of West Hollywood (Los Angeles) has announced the approval of licenses for cafes and cannabis salons; reports Eater Los Angeles.

West Hollywood will allow salons, restaurants and cafes cannabis. So far, they have been seen in places like San Francisco and Denver - where it is allowed to smoke cannabis and eat infused food.

However, West Hollywood will also have restaurants where chefs can work with cannabis as a staple food.

"The City has been very impressed by the quality and caliber of the requests we have received, as many companies are unique, innovative and world-class. The range of visions of the successful applicants reflects a whole new era for salons and cafes, cannabis restaurants and immersive experiences that go far beyond the current models in the state, or even around the world. . We believe that these activities will differentiate West Hollywood and consolidate the future success of the cannabis industry in the city. "- The City of West Hollywood, in a public statement

Some speculate that this regulation will place West Hollywood, California; at the level of cities like Amsterdam for cannabis tourism.

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Approved companies must now have 12 months to obtain a municipal operating license and find a location.

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