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Boxing champ Mike Tyson says he has always smoked cannabis throughout his life

One of the greatest athletes in history tells in an interview that he smoked cannabis throughout his life, including before a big boxing match that ended in a huge win over Andrew Golota.

History of a THC punch

Mike Tyson, undisputed world champion and one of the best boxers of all time, affirms his passion for cannabis. In an interview with the radio show "The Dan Patrick Show", Tyson declares that he is a smoker today and has been smoking all his life ...

Tyson says he did not smoke cannabis before a fight, except once in the famous fight against boxer Andrew Golota in 2000.

Golota retired from the fight after two rounds, after feeling ill and refusing to enter another round ... He was hospitalized with a broken cheekbone and a concussion.

"I only did it once before the fight," said Tyson. "When I fought against Golota, it was the only time I smoked cannabis and was fighting."

As we know, many athletes consume cannabis and attest to the benefits. And when Tyson was asked how the THC influenced the fight, he replied:

"It did not affect me, it affected Golota."

Despite his overwhelming victory, Tyson was discredited after cannabis testing ...

"They fined me a few hundred dollars," he said.

Today her passion for cannabis speaks for herself. Owner of a new farm in California, Tyson plans to create a school of cannabis. Will join this project, a research laboratory, and a plant enriched with cannabis ...

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