Legalization in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines for Medical Purposes


Saint Vincent and the Grenadines adopts bill on medical cannabis

St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) made history as the first member of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) to decriminalize cannabis for medical and scientific research purposes.

According to a press release released yesterday by the OECSSpeaking on behalf of the SVG, Minister of Agriculture, Saboto Caesar said the adoption of the bill in parliament on December 11 meant that theCaribbean island was now positioned to become a global hub for medical cannabis not only in terms of high quality production but also research.

"The planning of this innovative industry has been carefully conducted over a long period of time in close consultation with the agricultural sector and many different players to achieve the level of maturity we know today."

The economic benefits that this tightly controlled and regulated industry should bring in terms of direct employment, creation of support industries and foreign investment are widely recognized and accepted.

"SVG is unique in that our growing conditions are suitable for the production of the highest quality medicinal cannabis available on the world market, which is recognized by the increased investor sentiment and inquiries that we regional and international, "said Caesar, according to the OECS communiqué.

OECS Director General Dr. Didacus Jules congratulated the OECS President and SVG Ralph Gonsalves and César for their "bold leadership" in creating a modern framework for the medical cannabis industry.

"On behalf of the OECS Commission, I would like to pay special tribute to the Honorable Sabato Caesar, the youngest parliamentary representative at the age of 37 years, for his tireless dedication to creating economic opportunities through the in the OECS region - the agri-shipping initiative being another successful program, "said Dr. Jules.

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