Can vaporization help older people self-medicate?


Over the past fifteen years, spraying has become a real alternative to the traditional method of consuming cannabis flowers. But what about seniors?

Medical cannabis, being mainly consumed by combustion, often gives the opportunity to assimilate the same products that constitute the dangerousness of the cigarette. Consumption by combustion can then be a sad irony while a number of people prefer the inhalation without combustion by vaporization: it is the method of administration allowing a more rapid and effective effect.

It is difficult to compare the toxicity of cigarettes (whose smoke contains about 7000 chemical compounds) to that of cannabis, only when it is smoked, the combustion of its vegetable matter (or pyrolysis) also releases toxic products. Indeed, as for tobacco, tars from the burning of hemp are rich in carcinogenic compounds.

One way to protect your health while using cannabis is to reduce the toxic substances related to smoke through the vaporization.

Why aromatherapy is a reliable option?

In the elderly age group, spraying has become an indispensable tool. Many seniors want to replace opioid medications or neuroleptics, and cannabis is becoming the best choice.

Spraying is an option that is not aggressive for the respiratory system, offering the possibility of self-medication with cannabis, while giving up the side effects of their usual prescriptions and the worry of burning.
Thus, for older patients, vaporization has become an indispensable tool.

From 2006 to 2013, cannabis use among seniors has increased by 250% with an even greater rate of progression since then.

Different symptoms to treat in seniors

Cancer: For cancer patients, medical cannabis helps them against nausea and vomiting due to chemotherapy.
Mental illness : For those concerned with anxiety, panic attacks, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder or obsessive-compulsive disorder, vaporizing is the relaxing choice.
Chronic pain and diseases of the immune system: For those who have chronic pain, nervous system pain, including multiple sclerosis (MS), or arthritis, vaporization is a method that allows a much faster result than drugs.
Breathing illness : For heart rate problems and low blood pressure, vaping allows a well-being that also reduces stress leading to heart attacks.
Alzheimer's disease : For Alzheimer's disease, which affects 10% of the elderly, the THC molecule helps slow the progression of the disease.
Anorexia: For the problems of anorexia and loss of hunger, very common among seniors, cannabis can restore the appetite knowing that 78% of deaths due to anorexia concern seniors.
Dependence on drugs: For patients who want to get rid of opioids or other drugs with adverse side effects, more and more studies show that cannabis is a way out of drugs.

An older person using a vaporizer is more concerned with the medical effect rather than looking for recreational effects. Thus, vaporization has become the healthy and economical alternative for this class of seniors whose health is most often delicate.

We distinguish 2 types of vaporizer: table and portable

The vaporizer is a medical tool that comes in two versions. First the office vaporizer, for domestic use only, which is considered the best option for a senior.

Un table spray allows a high quality of medical cannabis use by steam. It also allows a more varied temperature range according to the needs and with a battery whose hardness of life is longer.

La version portable, more versatile, makes it easier to use outside the home. Spraying makes it possible to respond very quickly to patients' symptoms at any time and in any place. And then, more discreet compared to the smoke, the steam produced is lighter, purer and less detectable by people nearby.

Advantage of vaporization for seniors

Appetite: Many seniors lose the desire to eat, vaporizing cannabis allows them to regain their appetite and therefore regain strength on a daily basis.
Sleep: Spray helps them to recover sleep and to lull their pain. They can better rest and have a healthier, more comfortable life to better enjoy life.
Economy: Also, this alternative to drugs is more economical, an ideal solution for small pensions.
Prevention: The elderly are only a tiny part of the population, yet they represent a large part of the prescriptions of drugs with side effects and risks of addiction. The cannabis spray allows a healthy and effective use that replaces their drugs and their harmful side.

En conclusion

It may not be easy to convince an older person to start spraying, but once informed about the positive effects of inhaling cannabis in this way, all doubts disappear. One of the most compelling arguments is that vaporization, unlike smoking, has no side effects and with lower temperatures it can have a minimal psychoactive effect while providing medical help. effective.

Spraying is the only method that is the most recommended of doctors and that also promises to be the future of medical cannabis use.

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