Facebook uses artificial intelligence to fight drugs


Facebook, Google and Twitter are working together to help fight opiate addiction.

The three giants of technology team up in a new alliance, "Tech Together"A program to fight the opioid crisis. The goal is to promote better practices and collaborate on ways to treat addiction. At the same time Facebook and Instagram use AI to identify drug traffickers who use their sites.

Proactive detection technology

It allows platforms to delete drug-related images before they have been viewed or flagged by users.

"Our technology is able to detect content that includes images of drugs and detects intention to sell with information such as price, phone numbers or usernames for other social media accounts" said Kevin Martin, head of US public policy at Facebook.

In parallel, Susan Molinari, policy and government relations manager at Google, speaking at an event organized by the Center for Safe Internet Pharmacies (CSIP), an American non-profit organization, said that 50 000 queries about specific opioid drugs were performed daily in the search engine.

She added that YouTube also hosted advertisements using drug users to promote charities that offer help to addicts.

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Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive of Facebook, has already indicated that the platform would consider the introduction of technology to proactively remove more content related to drugs.

The Vice President of US Public Policy on Facebook, Kevin Martin, said in a press article "Tech Together" will meet for the first time in Washington, DC on Tuesday, where it will be joined by experts and organizations working on prevention, treatment and recovery to discuss measures to combat this epidemic.

The social network will also share updates on its latest efforts to enforce its policies prohibiting the sale of drugs, including the proactive detection of this type of content, as well as its work with partners. Martin said Facebook is currently working with local and national organizations such as SAMHSA and Partnership for Drug-Free Kids. People looking for opioid information on Facebook and Instagram are directed to the information page of the national phone hotline SAMSHA and other resources containing free and confidential information on opioid treatment and education.

The social network also works with the Computer Forensic Research Lab from the University of Alabama in Birmingham to find out more about how offenders hide their activities, such as the use of new names for drugs. According to him, this allows human moderators to examine pages, groups and hashtags that might be related to drug use, as well as trends.

Martin also writes: "By capturing more messages automatically, this technology allows our team to use its expertise to investigate accounts, pages, groups and hashtags, as well as to work with experts to identify upcoming trends. . "

"We will continue to invest in technology to prevent the sale of illicit drugs on our platforms, to increase awareness and education, and to connect people with help and resources," concludes Martin.

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Facebook's services enable friends, families and support networks to help each other during difficult times, making it easier for people with addictions or helping their loved ones get the strength they need in this life. battle. We look forward to our new industry alliance and to finding ways to increase our impact by collaborating and supporting the important work of our partners. "

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